[JPL] The Jazz Trip--Weekending July 25, 2004

James Cervantes jacinto at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Sun Aug 1 13:22:40 EDT 2004

The Jazz Trip--Weekending July 25, 2004
Host: James Cervantes
KWVA Eugene OR
Streaming at: kwvaradio.org/

Artist----- Track------ Album----- Label
Sonora Carruseles---Coquetona---Stars of Hard Salsa---Miami Records
Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith---Shinjuku---Yo Miles!---Cuneiform Rune
Joe Morris/Ken Vandermark/Hans Poppel---Like Rays---Like Rays---Knitting
Steve Swell---Calling all Travelers---Suite for Players, Listeners & Other
Dreamers--- CIMP
Cooper-More/Tom Abbs/Chad Taylor---Raising Knox---Triptych Myth---Hopscotch
James Finn---Truth Exiled Into Paradise---Opening the Gates---Cadence
Susan Stone---Couch (problems, problems)---The Lab 20 Year Anniversary---The
Guillermo Galendo& Guillermo Gomez Pena---Opera Califas 2000---The Lab 20
Year Anniversary---The Lab
Maggi Payne---Lab Faucet---The Lab 20 Year Anniversary---The Lab
Amy X Newburg---Stone---The Lab 20 Year Anniversary---The Lab
John Bischoff---Override---The Lab 20 Year Anniversary---The Lab
Presidents Breakfast---Knob Lockit---The Lab 20 Year Anniversary---The Lab
Big Satan (Berne, Rainey, Ducret)---Hostility Suite---Souls Saved
Hear---Thirsty Ear
Gustavo Aquilar Get LibreCollective---Legends---Destinations---Circumvention
Kyle Bruckmann---Elegy for a Boiled Frog---Wrack---Red Toucan
Cartwright/Oppenheim---Solo For Voice 17---La Faute de la Musique Songs of
John Cage---Harriton Carved Wax
The Vandermark Five---Gyllene (for Lars Gullin)---Exercises in
Ezra Weiss---The Clown feature---The Five A.M. Strut---Umoja
Michael Vlatkovich Tritet---My Other Name is Longer Than Two Letters
Each---Queen Dynamo---Origin
Jeff Johnson---Quickening---Near Earth--- Origin
Steve Swell/Perry Robinson---Suspicious Umbrellas Remembering
Clearly---Invisible Cities---Drimala
Glauco Sagebin---When Baden Meets Trane---When Baden Meets Trane---Blue
Toucan Music
Peter Smith Quartet---Perfect Fit---Blue & Green---PoteSmote Music---
T.K Blue---Winds of Sahara---Rhythm in Blue---JaJa Records
The Porter Project--- You Do Something to Me---The Porter Project---Kriztel
Barry Finnerty---Run Don't Stop---Trazz! (Trance Jazz)---Birdland
Jazz on the Latin Side All Stars---Cozumel---The Last Bullfighter---Saungu

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