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Bopndicks 20 Picks    August 2004

Benny Golson    “Terminal 1"    Concord Jazz
“Golson’s masterful ensemble writing  blends old times
and new,
 modern Art Farmer psychic treasures with
 Horace Silver colors of  blue.  
As steady Eddie adds that
gourmet pinch of bop 
with a band that plays on,

Maria  Schneider Orchestra   CONCERT IN THE GARDEN
ARTIST SHARE     www.mariaschneider.com 
“Maria Schneider begins in a quiet almost shy way, 
builds to a crescendo with lots of space for flights 
and solo excursions. Sophisticated,  wry with ironic
beauty, she 
carries on Gil Evans tradition to a penultimate

Carla Bley    THE LOST CHORDS     WATT Works Inc.  
“Captain Bley,  the pirates of Avant-Gard Penzance,
blends world views of jazz together with Monkish
The lost chords of simple worthy.”

Sunnyside Records
“There’s a reason why  we play Joe Gilman.  
He’s Dharma Master of the  Jazz Piano.  
Spirit of Jack Karoac would  agree, 
as well as,   the 2004 Great American Jazz Piano
competition in Jacksonville.”

Greg Osby     PUBLIC        Blue Note
Osby takes on  hard bop
 to  mid hip-hop 
music without words
mayhem with magic
live at the Jazz Standard
disclaimer: (no additional 
effects processing
of any kind.)
 Nicholas Payton,
trumpet player
with Joe Gilman’s
college room mate
Robert Hurst, at large 
on bass.

Karrin Allyson     WILD FOR YOU    Concord Jazz
“Wild For You, Baby”  is a blue full of rye beauty, 
angst, irony and pleasant surprise. 
Allyson’s interpretation and phrase logic is flawless,
proving again, how many different 
songs are out there to sing?   
Many more for Allyson, 
for it’s a wild world. 
She ALWAYS puts herself
on the line.” 

Giacomo Gates       CENTERPIECE     Origin Records
“Loose, unconventional and hip blue collar hard bop,
transcending middle America solo  piano bar 
to a more pure hard bop, after years of hard core
Giacomo has a dedicated Lee Marvin swagger to his
The man’s serious,  like your worst enemy. So be
careful and 
be cool. “

Michel Petrucciani         SO WHAT     BEST OF... 
Dreyfus Jazz
“A marvelous retrospective of Michel Petrucciani, an
exciting pianist
we all love.” Sad to say,  he left us suddenly and 
this compilation of’
his work is’ imaginmativce and helpful.”

Chick Corea Electric Band          TO THE  STARS    
Stretch Records/
Concord Jazz
“Corea’s electronics are notable,
regardless the interpretation
Always- I knew it was in me
As  fantasy becomes fact
return for forever is now
you hear Jaco, Chick and 
Aristophanes.  For those not certain-
No hieroglyph, written language,
or sign posting of any kind 
allowed in this program.”

“Dr John      N’AWLINZ: DIZ, DAT, OR   DA  UDDAH
Blue Note
“From one  space platform to another.
Dr John lays it down
since the sixties
Marie Laveau, Nicholas an da  udda
notables appear on dis here, dat dere,
xcept Ray, rest in peace.”

BEBO & CIGALA        Lagrimas Negras     Bluebird
“Bebo Valdes and Dieguito “El Cigala” a salude de 
 ‘ You remain the love of my life,’ bravura.” A musty
café in Havana
on a Sunday afternoon, Hemingway,  nursing a tequila
and a Havana gold,  
 you are dancing with Simone Signoret,  nostalgic
bittersweet love stories,
Flaminco is sweet dark chocolate in hot August.” 

Tomasz  Stanko Quartet    SUSPENDED NIGHT    ECM
“You know by listening,  these people love playing
the language is universal and if you had the pleasure
of being there, 
you know then, first hand the music of Miles, Shorter
and Monk.
A melodious fact that Jimi Hendricks was on to

Soluna Records
Jeff Marx leaves an indelible impression forged by
others before him, as
he remains true to the hard bop tradition. On this CD,
you hear free and loose
framework of improvisation. Listen to this and hear
this band of John Esposito,
Ira Coleman and Peter O’Brien , knowing you’ve heard
the truth of the moment
to be attempted in a profound sense, another time and

John Stetch     EXPONENTIALLY MONK     Justin Time
Stetch  mixes Monk with fiery passages of stride on
Rachmaninoff textures with a quirky Monk view on
exploring new Monk , while staying within essential
Stetch understands and plays to the Monk intellectual/

the inner child like core in all our being.”

Von Freeman     THE GREAT DIVIDE    Premonition
“Listen to Freeman you hear a joyful progression of
jazz ,
 over a half Century’s worth.   Here’s a man who still
has the ‘chops’
to soar over the  great barristers of tenor saxophone,
a reminder of 
how the great ones could jam and challenge each other
in rapid fire 
For “Never Fear Jazz Is Here” will score you a glimpse

of some vintage Chicago cookin with Eddie ‘Lock Jaw’
Davis and Johnny Griffen 
trading licks  in  wee small hours.”

Ben Allison   & Medicine Wheel       BUZZ     
Palmetto Records
“Saw a film  requiem for Brando and ‘The Wild One.”
Then I heard Allison’s “Respiration,” reminding me of 
Shorty Rogers,  only Allison just  begins with a
melodic theme
and takes  it away in many exotic and dissonant
directions.  His orchestration is superb. 
BUZZ  is the best Allison,  yet!”  

The Mulgrew Miller Trio    LIVE AT YOSHI’S 
“One of the best post hard bop players of our era..
His arranging for small bands is a special treat. 
Miller is a ‘force’ on this CD,
 as aggressive and straight ahead 
as a Peterson “live in Chicago” set,
a generation ago. 
Woody Shaw’s,  “The Organ Grinder.”
with the Mulgrew Miller special 
hot sauce live treatment 
 is a forgone conclusion.”

Jeff Johnson     NEAR EARTH      Origin Records
“This is a fluidity  rhythm thing with bass player,
Jeff Johnson
 leading  in a free direction as everyone in this band
 Han Taber sounds a sinewy Getz, 
to the rest in step for more open communication.”

David  Kikoski Trio       DETAILS     Criss -Cross
“Kikoski brings a brand of improvisation in this, His
work is great on “Juriki.” A lot rests with this
superb rhythm
section of  Bill Stewart and Larry Grenadier on drums.

Another protected strength on this CD is Kikoski’s 
writing. “

Glauco Sagabin    WHEN BADEN MEETS TRANE     Blue
Toucan Music
“Glauco Sagibin. Brazilian jazz pianist, is
extraordinary on this new CD.
Especially on Jobim’s “Olha Maria.” There are other
delights here that meet the 
collective Brazilian ear, as you know translate so
well in  jazz.”

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