[JPL] more comments on studio webcam

Arturo Gomez arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Aug 4 12:31:12 EDT 2004

A webcam in the studio can be a valuable asset. it is not necessarily a live stream, it can be used to take a snapshot that'll remain on-line for 60 seconds, 2", 5" however long or short you wish. You are not being seen continously.  One can also place a placard in sight of the webcam with the station's logo, upcoming shows or events, a message or whatever. This can completely block the view of the studio host or partially obscure it. The webcam doesn't show the entire studio, only mic side or whichever area you wish.

The most important role of the webcam is when you have guests being interviewed and during   membership/pledge drives.

There's no doubt that radio is for the ears, theatre of the mind, however let's get real. We can not ignore the world around us and the webcam attracts younger demos. We have to compete with satelite & cable services providing non-stop music. The recent signing of  Bob Edwards to satelite radio will hurt many of the NPR stations around the country during their prime-time morning hours. We need any edge we can muster. 

Arturo Gómez

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