[JPL] KUVO, 1st in Colorado to go HI DEF

Arturo Gomez arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Aug 4 12:42:08 EDT 2004

I am pleased and proud to announce that effective Monday, August 2nd Jazz 89-KUVO is the first station of any kind to broadcast in high definition. We are working with a local chain of electronics products to giveaway hi def receivers to some or our lucky listeners as our signal will be used in-store to demonstrate hi def radio.

In September we will be broadcasting 2 live concerts in surround sound-hi def, one from our own performance studio and the other from a concert hall in Downtown Denver. I'll post more details as the date approaches including the well known artists involved.

The one aspect of hi def is that there's an 8 second delay from what we hear in the studio to what is heard on the air so we no longer have on-air studio monitors, we know have a light that begins to flash if we should ever go off the air as the studio monitors are from the board. It'll be too confusing to also have an on-air monitor on ther studio, never mind the feedback while on mic.

Arturo Gómez

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