[JPL] Why I look forward to Frequency Media

Arturo Gomez arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Aug 6 16:15:14 EDT 2004

I for one look forward to the Frequency Media chart, granted it will "blow the cover" on many stations' report. I won't disclose the station nor the recording but I saw a report on spins by a label that listed a station that only has 25-26 hours of jazz a week yet they report 13 spins for an album. This implies that every other hour you would hear a track from that Cee Dee. That is very difficult to comprehend or believe.

I have been guilty of fudging a report by 1 or 2 spins at the most, I am not claiming to be beyond reproach, but that does not hold true for all that report. I am not casting aspersions on any individual or station but when the Frequency Media charts it will be a more accurate reflection of spins across the country and who can be unhappy by that result.

Arturo Gómez
Jazz 89, KUVO

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