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Still Another Jazz Show    August 2

Carla Bley   “3 Blind Mice Suite 1-2-3"    THE LOST
A WATT Works Inc.   ECM

Curtis Fuller with Brad Goode   “Cantaloupe Island”  
SPRING      Delmark Records      

Maria Schneider Orchestra     “Three Romances: part 1.
 Choro Dancado”
CONCERT IN THE GARDEN    www.mariaschneider.com 

James Silberstein   “Aquas”     SONG FOR MICAELA    
CAP Records 

Michel Petrucciani     “Summertime”    SO WHAT   Best
Dreyfus Jazz    

Giacomo Gates   “Summertime”    CENTERPIECE        
Origin Records

Liz Johnson      “Mox Nix”        PLAYGROUND     Lily

Larry Vuckovich with  Jon Hendricks    “Lester Leaps
REUNION     Tetrachord Records

Gary Burton     “First Impressions”    GENERATIONS   
Concord Jazz

Eden Atwood    “This Is Always”       THE BALLAD
Groove Note Records

Akira Tana      “Sweet Stuff”     MOON OVER THE WORLD
Sons Of Sound Records

Eliane Elias       “Movin Me On”        DREAMER       
   Bluebird Records

Bill O’Connell      “After The Dust Settles”     LATIN
Random Chance Records     

Ben Allison & Medicine Wheel   “Respiration”   BUZZ   
Palmetto Records

Joe Locke & 4 Walls Of Freedom     “Cut And Paste”  
DEAR LIFE   Sirocco Music

Nellie McKay   “Won’t You Please Be Nice”   “Inner
Columbia Records    

Brent Jensen/Rob Walker Quintet with New Stories   
“Straight From Miles”  
ART OF THE GROOVE   Origin Records

Jeff Johnson     “Three Rivers”     NEAR EARTH     
Origin Records

Bad food and celebrity snuff aside, turn off the sound
and watch the quick diet edits and  realize the
exploratory nature jazz is good, better than constant
TV exposure to our collective neurosis.  Start first
with CARLA BLEY,  partly  because she’s an Oakland 
native and she’s  an alternative  artist , as in Andy
Warhol’s sister,  in spirit,  of course. Although
Warhol may have been  too assembly line pop for Bley. 
 Her music is listenable,  progressive and downright 
down to earth.  We played  “Three Blind Mice” which no
doubt is  public domain, recorded by the Jazz
Messengers over forty years ago. It was a nursery
rhyme that we post Depression babies listened to in
our formative years.  CARLA BLEY and THE LOST CHORDS
on Wall Works Inc on ECM.  She bleeds forth with 
humor,  dynamics and  Monk phrasing  Steve Swallow
plays some great exploritory electric  base on this
trilogy and throughout.  Reed player Andy Sheppard and
Billy Drummond complete this tight band and Bley’s 
European tour is  excellence on par,  as usual for
this recording 
Detroiter,  CURTIS FULLER is next with his debut on 
Delmark Records, UP JUMPED SPRING. We played the
classic “Cantaloupe Island,” by Herbie Hancock. Fuller
is in rare form as described by Bennie Golson,’the
most underrated trombone players in jazz.’ In the
sixties,  he was a member of The Jazz Messengers and
the memorable “Three Blind Mice”  Blue Note  album ,
the Jazztet with Art Farmer and Bennie Golson and the
classic “Blues Trane” with John Coltrane..
With few words, he’s been there,  and here he plays
with a young talented trumpet player, Brad Goode.  UP
JUMPED  SPRING is a gold plated hard bop groove.     
MARIA  SCHNEIDER ORCHESTRA is next with a marvelous
original composition, “THREE  ROMANCES.”  We played
“Part 1, Choro Dancado.” Recorded live at Hunter
College in February of this year, this lovely CD’s
available on a limited basis. Consult 
www.mariaschneider.com.  It’ wort h it. 
The second segment begins with  guitarist JAMES
SILBERSTEIN,  a selection from his new CD,
SONG FOR MICAELA on CAP Records.  “Aqua” is a boppers
dream with Randy Brecker, Eric Alexander, Bruce Barth,
Harvie S., and Vince Cherico on drums.  There’s enough
good soloing from very prominent NYC alumnus to give
this CD lots of soulful warmth .   James Silberstein
looks like a young priest on a weekend retreat, but
it’s those who seem understated that play hard and
fast. (Had coffee at Starbucks on Sunrise in Citrus
Heights today, and Mary the manager’s son is about to
do his second tour in Iraq. He’s a Navy Seal.  You’d
never know it.)   James Silberstein plays like a Navy
Seal.  Silberstein could be a secret agent for The 
Les Paul School of Hard Groove, playing like Pat
Martino. Be sure to check out Barth on Rhodes,
Silberstein, guitar and the interchange with Brecker
and Alexander on “House Party.” A sure stroke of
hardass genius.
MICHEL PETRUCCIANI was a jazz piano master and 
through various appearances on North American TV, we
discovered his genius, thereby making media a double
edged sword. Careful, how you use it, don’t overexpose
yourself and become a latter day saint of endless
trivia. Only the prime cuts.  Listen up to this
compilation, SO WHAT, The Best Of.... I’ll admit I’m
rather fixated by his rendition of “Summertime” on
this CD.   Hammond B-3 organist,  Eddie Louiss - about
walks off- with his enthusiasm on this song. With this
live performance, you just about smell the smoke
filled enthusiasm of this performance. This a tribute
to Petrucciani’s lively attack,  eternal joy and 
universality.  He had that way of making you feel good
about yourself. What a better elegy for an artist, a
man, than this compilation! 
Now this may sound to you like a jazz cop out, to play
another version of “Summertime,”  but there’s no one
better at it  than  GIACAMO GATES with the “fish are
jumpin, flip, flop.”  You get the whole story from the
whistler,  jazz detective, Gates, for there’s no one
more Hard Bop Noir than Giacomo Gates and CENTERPIECE
on Origin Records .   Since we’re boppin  there’ s no
need  to be  stoppin,  so we pop in some LIZ JOHNSON,
excuse me Ms. Johnson, from her new CD, PLAYGROUND.
Watch out Annie Ross!    Johnson also plays some hefty
alto saxophone. We played a very aggressive Art
Farmer/Benny Golsen tune, “Mox Nix” which I think was
on one of the early Jazztet albums, in fact, Roy Agee
cozied up with some Curtis Fuller type licks on
trombone with  this very workable and hip version,
with  lyrics by Liz Johnson.  Beegie Adair’s great
mainstream touch is all over this CD.   
segment with a stirring scat version, “Lester Leaps
In.”  You can’t  ask for anything better in your  hard
bop souffle than Vucko-Hendri-Michel, Ms Johnson-Gates
and James, the first elixir.  Order this mixture and
we’ll throw in the slicer /dicer, absolutely  free for
some good measure.   But you must call this # and put
some good karma  down, now!  Good luck charms and
other mojos are acceptable. 
GARY BURTON begins the second hour with his new
release on Concord Jazz, GENERATIONS, referring to
young guitarist from Santa Rosa California,  Julian
Lage, who may be sixteen years old at this writing,
demonstrates a  fluid,  solid  technique and writing
skill, ‘beyond his years.’  We played “First
Impressions” and we hear that same enthusiastic joyous
impression noted by early  Pat Metheny.   Burton
introduces us  to this remarkable young talent , and
surrounds him with other great players  in Makato
Ozone, James Genus and Clarence Penn.   My first
impression of this CD  is remembering Gary Burton’s
early days on ECM. 
Young singer, EDEN ATWOOD is next with THIS IS ALWAYS,
The Ballad Session on Groove  Note Records.   Pianist,
arranger Bill Cunliffe lends his expertise with
alacrity and Tom Harrell sits in providing romantic
trumpet scoring on this title tune.  It reminds me of
some of the Jackie Gleason instrumental  albums on
Capital Records. Not really jazz purist, but terrific
music that leaves an indelible impression. Eden Atwood
does that very thing. 
a great classic out of the sixties, Horace Silver’s
“Sweet Stuff.”  If I was hosting the all -night show,
This would be last call, a slow dance, say good night
song for couples only. It’s  for the early morning
shift workers of the world, those denizens coming down
from  working the street of dreams all through the
night,  those insomniacs and all night paper back 
writers, such as Nelson Algren and Jack Karouc as the
sun catches a glimpse of the horizon, that moment
before the day crowd gets it going. Some one said,
that we should watch the sun rise at least twice a
year. Could be anywhere. Especially here, at this time
and now, for all the fault we may find can be washed
away by an early morning person watering a lawn,
cleaning a sidewalk.  Too bad milk delivery has become
extinct, it’s a wholesome  part of our Dos Passos
Americana psyche.    
ELIANE  ELIAS is next with her new release, DREAMER on
Bluebird.   We played  “Movin  Me On,” a very nice
mainstream tune , adaptable to progressive jazz and
smooth jazz formats. 
I enjoy this tune with a simple flirty  treatise as
Eliane brings it off so well. Listen to Eliane sing
this song and imagine her playing the piano in her
stocking feet.( No,  I don’t have a foot fetish.) That
notion will add intimacy to the presentation. Your
interest should be tweaked. Remember, Marc Johnson,
the great technician,  bass player is co producing a
lot of her music and husband, saxophonist Michael
Brecker sits in adding to the warmth.
Pianist, BILL O’CONNELL concludes this segment with
perfect innuendo, “After The Dust Settled” from the
new LATIN JAZZ  FANTASY on Random Chance records. 
Notable solo by saxophonist Bob Malach  is a highlight
on this selection. This collection  is sophisticated
Latin with  uplifting string accompaniment, featuring 
many fine East Coast  artists, Dave Valentin, Steve
Berrios. Charles Fambrough,  Randy Brecker and others.
  No Walmart  sherkin on  the shuckin and jivin, for
this has the O’Connell seal of the real deal!
BEN ALLISON atunes the last segment with a pleasurable
reference on “Respiration” from the new release, BUZZ
on Palmetto Records.   Allison’s a fine writer which
is most notable on this CD  and this is his best
ensemble yet with Michael Blake, Ted Nash. Clark
Gayton, Frank Kimbrough and Michael Sarin.  Allison is
so very post modern in his conception, causing old
folks like me to engender from his music, post near
hard bop artifacts of musty gloomy and groovy Shorty
Rogers  written on scratch pads while watching “The
Man With The Golden Arm.”   Allison is  nouveau
relying on past foundation to build a bright “Atlas
Shrugged,”  an excellent past perfect to build a
brighter future.   Visually, Allison is dressed in old
clothes, tailored to fit an immaculate conception.  It
will take more time  to extol the virtues of BUZZ. 
Best to listen alone, first.
  I find this CD, easy, catchy and attainable.   A lot
more,  the more you listen. Time changes,  quick drama
 and  flights of fancy by saxophonist Tommy Smith,
evident on “Wind In Your Willow.”  We played “Cut And
Paste.”  There’s some strange and eery rarified
programming going on here, the  synthesizer of Josh
Heinima at play here. So in this  rare moment, there
exists a keyboard accompaniment here, providing
vibraphonist Joe Locke and saxophonist Tommy Smith an
amazing landscape to create in perpetuity. The rest of
the rhythm section has life’s every changing time
signature changes in their hands. And they are most
capable. Kudos to the rest, Gary Novak and Ed Howard.
NELLIE McKAY  is next from her debut on Columbia,  a 2
CD set, titled GET AWAY FROM ME.    Intriguing! 
Perfect psychotic humor, similar to the song, “I Told
You I Love You,  Now Get Out.”  McKay is the newest of
the progressive hip hop jazz muses. There aren’t 
many.  McKay is one of the original few.   She writes
all her own material on this CD, catchy creative at
sharing satire, evident with breadth and humor in
“Won’t U Please Be Kind” and “Inner Peace.”   There’s
a cynical wackiness in her writing, not found at such
a young age.   Could be us finding her.   Maybe this
claim lays  with  another  generation. McKay  has the
talent to be embraced by oui and the future oui.   She
surprises us pleasantly.  
BRENT JENSEN and ROB WALKER Quintet with New Stories
and ART OF THE GROOVE on Origin Records in Seattle..  
 We played “Straight From Miles,” written by
flugelhorn player, Rob Walker.   So we attest to this
Miles inclination, this “art of the groove” swinging
from  this new CD.  Both Jensen and Walker  want to
contribute, to collaborate on this holy golden graham
cracker and with New Stories providing rhythm, this
all goes down nice and easy as a glass of cold milk. 
Upon  which, he wrested his claim:  “Time for Dirty
Al, your Bluegrass pal!”

Dick Crockett
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