[JPL] Why I look forward to Frequency Media

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Mon Aug 9 15:26:37 EDT 2004

Here, here Arturo!

For those who care . . . I did a comparison of the JazzWeek reporting 
stations that Frequency Media was monitoring for one of my artists and most 
of the stations were dramatically off.  A few were very close (within 1 or 
2 spins) but many that were reporting the record were not playing it at 
all.  Although I appreciate the opportunity to have my artist chart, and 
from a perception stand point it all looks great, in the long run it hurts 
the artist more than it helps.  Also, If a station is reporting and I think 
they are playing the record, I am going to generate unnecessary focus 
towards that stations market based on inaccurate information.

It diminishes my credibility to push a publicist to generate publicity in 
that market, push the distributor to push product in that market, to push 
money, resources and time into a market when the station in that market is 
giving misinformation.  In these times we can't afford to waste time, 
resources and opportunities.  Labels are much more willing to put effort 
towards a market that is truly supporting the artist with airplay.  If I am 
going to consider underwriting for a station, I want to know that they are 
really playing my artists records.  I know the bugs are not out of the 
system yet, but I too look forward to a more honest approach.  I appreciate 
those who are keeping it honest.  Now, at least we have a way of confirming it.

Steve Belkin

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>I for one look forward to the Frequency Media chart, granted it will "blow 
>the cover" on many stations' report. I won't disclose the station nor the 
>recording but I saw a report on spins by a label that listed a station 
>that only has 25-26 hours of jazz a week yet they report 13 spins for an 
>album. This implies that every other hour you would hear a track from that 
>Cee Dee. That is very difficult to comprehend or believe.
>I have been guilty of fudging a report by 1 or 2 spins at the most, I am 
>not claiming to be beyond reproach, but that does not hold true for all 
>that report. I am not casting aspersions on any individual or station but 
>when the Frequency Media charts it will be a more accurate reflection of 
>spins across the country and who can be unhappy by that result.
>Arturo Gómez
>Jazz 89, KUVO
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