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Still Another Jazz Show     August   9

Chet Baker      “All Blues”   “Well You Needn’t”
THE  LAST  GREAT CONCERT   My Favorite Songs, Vol.  1
& 2
Enja/ Justin Time Record

Melody Breyer -Grell     “Does Anybody Here Love Me” 
THE RIGHT TIME       Blue Jazz Records

Von Freeman     “Blue Pres”       THE GREAT DIVIDE
Premonition Records

Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby    “Groovy Gravy”    
Concord Records

Charles Earland      “Auburn Delight”   
FUNK  FANTASTIQUE    Prestige Records/Fantasy Jazz

Jim Rotundi Quintet   “Blues Nouveau”    NEW VISTAS
Criss Cross Records       

James Carter    “Soul Street”   LIVE AT BAKER’S
LOUNGE      Warner Bros.  Records

Justin Time Records

Joe Gilman Trio    “For Iola”     TIME AGAIN: 
BRUBECK  REVISITED      Sunnyside Records

Jeff Marx Quartet    “Desperate Measures”    TREADING
BREATHING FIRE    Soluna Records

The Bo- Keys    “Comin Home Baby”    THE ROYAL
Yellow  Dog Records

Dr. John     “Stakalee”   “St. James Infirmary”  
“Time Marches On”
N’AWLINS: DIS, DAT OR  D’UDDA      Blue Note Records

Spirit of CHET  BAKER invokes memories of a coming of
age for many of us. And with these special memories,
this is why this release of THE LAST GREAT CONCERT, 
My Favorite Songs, Vol. 1&2 on Justin Time Records is
so very special! A release of the last great concert
is a marvelous elegy on whether or not he jumped or
was thrown out the window in Milan two weeks later.  
Whether bad kharma  lies in the prodigy or the
provocateur is for  the ethers.  It’s the splendid 
message he left us that is most apparent in this CD.  
My  high school friend Dave Chaffee  introduced  me to
Chet Baker, “My Funny Valentine” and Miles  Davis 
“Veird  Blues,” the very first hard bop jazz
recordings I ever heard. As a fifteen year old, I was
exposed to the truth by a fourteen year old.  Chaffee,
 in those days had this predilection for frequent
forays into black music, more urban with rhythm &
blues and Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland and Big Jay McNeely, than
 Muddy Waters and Junior Wells. This is an early R&B,
urban Detroit, rock and roll  period,  Chuck Berry,
Gene Vincent and Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
would come immediately after ward. 
Therefore...this is what this CD
engenders....memories.  Chet Baker remained to his
school. Miles Davis rose to the genius he was meant to
be!   That’s why we love this music.
MELODY BREYER-GRILL is next with “Does Anybody Here
Love Me” from her new BluJazz release,  THE  RIGHT 
TIME.   BluJazz has created quite an impression with
very free thinking vocalists. Janice Borla, Erin
McDougald and now Melody Breyer-Grill for unigue, very
sophisticated, progressive  ballad  presentations. 
There is material here, that you may not know until
you listen to the whole show, “Does Anybody Here Love
Me,” “This Is New’” along with interesting reflections
by Grill of “Close Your Eyes,” “Invitation,” “You Go
To My Head.” It’s the  slow dancing that fascinates
me. Very groovy arranging and production.   
VON FREEMAN and “Help Us Mother Mary,” says old gold
saxophone Von Freeman on Premonition Records with THE
GREAT DIVIDE.   If you want to be redundant , do it
here and now with old gold, hand rolled saxophonist
Von Freeman.   I like,  that the CD cover has the same
house Von Freeman has lived in for some forty years. 
It’s so very obvious that Von Freeman has paid some
dues!  The cost to be the boss.
BILL COSBY and QUINCY JONES and the original jam
sessions 1969 on Concord Jazz.   We played “Groovy	 
Gravy” with Les McCann, and some Ernie Watts,    All
very groovy!
The move on the Bill Cosby show music.  
Next is a `CHARLES EARLAND on Prestige, FUNK
FANTASTIQUE with some heavy oldster hitters, Lee
Morgan, Billy Harper, William Thorpe, Hubert Laws  and
Billy  Cobham.  This is true hard bop heaven! Stand
up. Be true to your school.    Bless the man,  Charles
Earland!  We played “Auburn Delight” with singer
Charles Wilson.   
More post modern funk on the way with the JIM ROTUNDI
QUINTET and Chris Potter, Sam Yahel, Peter Bernstein
and Bill Stewart on drums.   What a band!  Come on
now! You know the feel!  All you need to know is “
Blues Nouveau .” to wind down this segment.  
Now you know, I’m Detroit.   I’ve been trying to grab
hold of this CD, JAMES CARTER,   LIVE  AT BAKER’S 
KEYBOARD LOUNGE for months. Now WB is going through
their changes.   Don’t know whether they want to ...er
talk about, gad about, what are we doing here about
American music. Is this L.A.?   I didn’t think hip-hop
would take me this far! Let me cry for world peace,
where can I get some a dat wuss!     JAMES CARTER
displays a remarkable alacrity on saxophone in this
legendary ‘down home’ celebration.  This is Detroit!
What are we, but Jack Springer,  Jim Rockwell,  Ed
Love,  Joe McClerg, a hard bop place on the swinging
side of down town.. This Jimmy  Forrest tune, “Soul
Street.” in a classic R&B , Jazz  lovin  mutha 
swingin an swayin,  all this lovin musta  been funin.
“Soul Street” features Johnny Griffin, David Murray,
Gerhard Gibbs and other luminary others for
extraordinary others.     LIVE AT BAKER’S  is a jam!  
DAVID MURRAY is next with a tsunami of sound with the
infamous GWO-KA MASTERS, featuring Pharoah Sanders
from these parts.   This swings with such force, up
tempo, cataclysmic and up ending. Remember last years
David Murray Latin Big Band?   This Murray with the
Gwo-Ka Masters has that same effect of intricate force
and power.  We played “Gwotet ” and Murray never lets
up, similar to what Hendrix did with electronics,
Murray does here with a force of a big band.   JOE
GILMAN sits in with a ‘Wilke’  recommended “For Iola”
is a grand  master of jazz piano as evidenced by
winning the 2004 Great American Jazz Piano
Competition.  If you were in my shoes and you had
Einstein living in your neighborhood , and you had a
Bar B Q on Labor Day Weekend, wouldn’t you say:
“Einstein lives in that house across the street!” 
Gilman is ‘Einstein’ to jazz in Sacramento .   Are we
ready to hitch up our collective  trousers and
swagger.  Not since Mark Twain has it been this good! 
Not since Huckleberry! 
JEFF MARX begins the last segment with the “importance
of being earnest” with “Desperate Measures.”  It may
sound like a Robert Ryan film noir thriller of the
late forties, but it isn’t- more a play on words-or
notes- or phrases.    Marx is a hard bop true tenor
player  of the motor city jazz scene and ‘born again’
one night at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge by the minister
of truth. Sonny Stitt.  A blessed baptismal. And Jeff
Marx will never let you down.   So we get it on with
some funky blues and THE BO-KEYS and right down to it
with “Comin Home Baby.”  You remember the late Herbie
Mann original “Comin Home Baby, ” Live at The Village
Gate with the stabilizer Hagood Hardy on vibes, Felix
Mantilla on congas, Chief Bey,(Chief Bey?) on  African
drums. Two bass players are heard on the original, Ben
Tucker and Ahmad Abdul Malik. Shows you how we go now,
Ahmad certainly would be searched at the airport.
Certainly not forty years ago. When asked,  what’s in
the case?  Ahmad would just say: “ that’s my bass ,
man.”    The Bo-Key version is more straight ahead,
locked down, “Comin Home Baby.” 
DR JOHN then winds it down with three potential number
one on the sanctified  chart grabbers in the universal
upper high groove, what’s happened before to what’s
happening now,  wit da “Staka Lee,” “St.  James
Infirmary,” and “Time Marches On,” from da N’AWLINZ,
DIS, DAT OR DA’UDDA.  You gotta love the title of dis.
Dear friends and ladies, if you’ve ever spent some
time in New Orleans, the cradle of North American Jazz
as we know it, you’d be talking in abbreviations too! 
 There’s much to say about Dr John. If you listen, 
then you know, for sure!
Bye for now and remember Dr. John, James Carter, Joe
Gilman, Von Freeman and other ‘Glasnost,’ are among
what’s happening now! That’s why we neighborhooders
love this music! 

Dick  Crockett
10 am & 10 pm, Pacific
“The Voice” 88.7fm
4623 T Street, Suite A
Sacramento, Ca.   95819-4743

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