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Hey, this is Dot Wilder, of "Dot Wilder, Live from the Warehouse",  1999, and 
I did "Summertime" on my cd. Maybe I'm not the one they're  talking about, 
but I know that Jim Wilke has played my cd maybe once or twice.  My "Summertime" 
had a latin jazz feel to it. 
Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. 
Sincerely yours, 
Dot Wilder
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Some one-minute sound bytes of five of my songs on my cd (including,  
Summertime) can be heard on the Amazon.com website.
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> Don't you just love it when you get a challenging  question like this?
> (No kiddin' - name of writer  withheld)
> Jim Wilke
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>> Subject: A question  on a Jazz Vocalist
>> One night you had a female Jazz  vocalist singing "Summertime".
>> I didn't catch  her name, but Im very interested in buying her CD.
>> Do you remember her name, or could you give me a list of  female  
>> vocalists that sang "Summertime"  on your  nightly program?

Hi Jim,

If you don't have  your playlist in a form you can search you night want to  
try the  ascap or the bmi website. You can enter a songtitle and it will  
give  you a list of who has performed it. I would imagine that Summertime   
has been performed a lot but maybe those sites can be of some  help.

Eric Jackson
WGBH Boston 89.7 FM
Mon - Thurs. 7 PM -  Mid.

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