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jwilke123 at comcast.net writes:
Ooops, sorry, guess some of you didn't quite notice the tongue-in-cheek 
nature of that posting about the listener inquiry about "Summertime".

Several people wrote me off list who were amused by the listener's email. 
Yes, I am aware of "several" singers who sang "Summertime".  To further explain, 
I pointed out to the listener 2 reasons why it was difficult to provide a 
definitive answer to his question.

1.  According to allmusic.com there are 2,155 recordings of "Summertime",  
more than a few of which I've played on Jazz After Hours.

Hmmm, love that.  It was a funny, kinda tongue-in-cheek response.  Reminds me 
of a singer joke I've heard and get a big laugh from.  I can, as a singer, 
make jokes on singers (hopefully -- wouldn't want to offend anyone out there).  
How many singers does it take to sing Misty?  "Apparently all of them." ....

Wow!   2,155 recordings of Summertime (including mine).  Must check that 
allmusic.com before I decide to sing standards on any future recordings   :-)

Lenora Zenzalai Helm

Check out http://www.lenorazenzalaihelm.com/ 

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