[JPL] Playlist J&B Tour with Alphen Stad FM August 31 2004

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Sun Aug 29 21:37:09 EDT 2004

Hai Guys
At the end of August a lot of new things are happening for the station and
things are changing for the best, also for the program Jazz & Blues Tour, a
lot of attention and follow-up for all programs.
Within a few weeks the live-stream will move to a bigger server and so the
quality and reachability will be improved.
Perhaps you noticed that on the playlist on the site every name of each
artitst is a link to their website or a site with their relevant
information, so trying to give each artitst the utmost exposure and doing my
utmost to give all those "indie" artists a lot of attention through the
site, the program and ofcourse the mailservices!.
Joost van Steen
Jazz & Blues Tour
C/O Joost van Steen
PO  BOX  471
2400 AL Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

Playlist  August 31,  2004   # 23!

 1st Hour  21:00 - 22:00 hrs
Nr.   Artist   ---     Title     ====     From the Album;
1 New Cool Collective    ---    Big Mondays      ====     MORE!

2 Count Basie   ---    Doggin Around     ====     Jazz Kansas City Style
3 Calvin Owens and the Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra   ---    Sweet Lovin'
Man   ====   The House is Burnin'

4 Barrelhouse JazzBand   ---    Mint Julep     ====    Barrelhouse NOW !
5 Jimmy Bowskill    ---     Schoolhouse      ====     Old Soul

6 Jason Bodlovich   ---    Cheesecake     ====     Blues for Dexter
7 Randy Oxford Band     ---    Bumble Bee      ====     All the Buzz!

8 Duke Ellington     ---     Take the "A" Train      ====      As Time Goes
9 Robert Johnson    ---     I Believe I'll Dust My Broom      ====    King
of the Delta Blues

10 Charlie Sepulveda and the Turnaround  ---    Mr. BB     ====    Live at
the 1999 Puerto Rico Heineken Jazzfestival
11 Sharrie Williams & The Wiseguys   ---     Hard Drivin'  Woman   ====
Hard Drivin'  Woman

12  Slide Hampton     ---   Straight, No Chaser      ====     Exodus

Lean back and enjoy the 2nd hour,  so just let it slide....
2nd hour  22:00 - 23:00 hrs
Nr.   Artist    ---        Title      ====       From the Album;
1 Branford Marsalis     ---     Mo' Better Blues (Tune)    ====     Beneath
the Underdog

2 Gregg Wright     ---    Livin'for Real    ====     Lightning Strike
3 Miles Davis    ---    Frelon Brun ( Brown Hornet)     ====      Portrait
Miles Davis Electric

4 Zola Moon   ---     Lucky Me     ====     Earthquakes, Thunder and Smiling
5 Jon Regen What i am Supposed To Do From Here Almost Home

The 'New' South-African Jazz Corner !
6 Gito Baloi   ---     Marrabenta     ====    Two in One
7 Wessel     ---     City of Dreamers     ====      So Fine

8 Becca Duran     ---      I Had The Craziest Dream     =====     If You
Could See me Now
9  Russ Strathdee     ---      Woodwind for Weber      ====      Reflections

10  Lyambiko     ---     Can't Get out this Mood    ====      Out of This
11 David Munyon      ---      Amer Stocking      ====      Seven Leaves in a
Blue Bowl of Water

12 Dot Wilder    ---     Lush Life      ====     Live from The Warehouse

END Jean Toots Thielemans    ---     Hard to Say Goodbye      ====      Hard
to Say Goodbye
Well that's it tfor this week folks.....
Do hope yo like the line-up and ofcourse all your remarks, tips, tricks
always appreciated.
On the site you can find the info for listening to the live-Stream;
www.jazzbluestour.nl  and topleft you'll find the button to go to the
english version.....
Enjoy your week and do take care !
kindest regards
Joost van Steen,
Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with Alphen Stad FM in the Green Heart of
Holland 105.4FM !

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