[JPL] Streaming bumps in the road

Byron F Greatorex amoment at midcoast.com
Mon Aug 30 22:16:34 EDT 2004

Hey Hans...Where is it written?...and who has made this regulation?...I have
programmed a weekly Jazz show for the past 15 years at WERU Community Radio,
Blue Hill, ME and have never been presented with such a regulation...and I
certainly have aired several cuts from the same recording in a two hour
period many many times with no repercussions...perhaps you have a station
policy that needs challenging...or perhaps this is part of the payola ruling
that comes up from time to time...play what you feel and if its the same
recording cut by cut week after week, then your listeners will drive you off
the air...

peace and bright moments to you,

Byron F Greatorex
In The Moment
WERU Community Radio
Blue Hill, Maine
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> I'm looking for a little help with programming for live streaming.
> My station manager has told me there's a regulation that limits the number
> of cuts from the same CD within an hour to two. This puts a cramp in a
> couple of our program, one of which is a feature show - two hours
> to one featured CD (most of which is aired) and new releases. I'm
> if there isn't some provision (that we can't find yet) that says there are
> exceptions to the two cuts per hour rule.
> Can anyone shed a little light for me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Hans
> Marquette, MI
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