[JPL] IAJE Industry Track Schedule

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Thu Dec 2 11:32:29 EST 2004

December 1, 2004

(Thursday-Saturday 10 AM-12 noon)

Thursday: Where We Play It: Discussion of the issues surrounding the
emerging delivery systems such as digital, cable, satellite and syndication,
as well as issues of audience development and measurement.
Moderators/ Facilitators:  Scott Hanley/WDUQ; Nick Morrison/KPLU

Friday: What We Play:  Programming issues and strategies such as new music
vs. catalog, interviews, co-existing with non-jazz formats, etc.
Moderators/ Facilitators: Arturo Gomez/KUVO; Linda Yohn/WEMU

Saturday:  How We Play It:  The nuts and bolts of professional on-air
Moderators/Facilitators; Ed Trefzger/Jazz Week.com ; Scott Willis/KKJZ

(Thurs-10, 12, 3, 5 &  9, 11,1), (Fri-10, 12, 3, 5 JazzTimes &  9, 11, 1, 4,
6) Sat (11-1 NARAS, 3, 5 & 10, 1, 4, 6).  23 total panels

Schedule for Jazz Industry Underground Room - Terrace Theater Seaside Level

10-12 PM: Radio Track Workshop
12-2PM: Jazz Radio Consortium meeting
2-3PM: Jazz Publicists meeting
4-5PM: JJA mentoring workshop: Honing the craft of jazz reviewing, for print
and radio, a one-hour, hands-on workshop. Paul de Barros/Seattle Times , Dan
Ouellette/Billboard, others tba.

10-12 PM:  Radio Track Workshop
1-2PM:  JJA mentoring workshop
3-5PM:  Ask The Experts

10-12 PM:  Radio Track Workshop
12-1PM:  Industry Track wrap up meeting
2-3PM:  JJA mentoring workshop
3-5PM:  Ask the Experts

Thursday, January 6: Convention Center 102ABC

10AM:  The West Coast Jazz Sound ­ Past, Present and Future
Is there still a West Coast Jazz Sound?  Veterans and newcomers talk about
the unique aspects of playing jazz on the left coast, yesterday and today.
Moderator: Don Heckman/LA Times; Panelists: Clora Bryant; Gretchen Parlato;
John Clayton; Herb Wong/IAJE Journal;

12Noon:  The International Language of Jazz: Cross Cultural Conversations
Jazz has become an increasingly international music.  Musicians and
executives from around the globe share their collective passion and vision
for a future direction in jazz. Moderator: Tom Schnabel/LAPhilharmonic;
Panelists: Beto Arcos/KCSN; Dan Storper/Putumayo World Music; Oliver Lake.

3PM:  Downbeat First Person Project interview with NEA Jazz Master and Mack
Avenue recording artist Gerald Wilson and journalist Kirk Silsbee.

5PM:  BET Jazz: The 24 Hour Jazz Channel sponsored panel: A conversation
with pianist/composer/arranger George Duke hosted by Paxton Baker/Executive
VP/GM BET Jazz. 

Thursday, January 6: Convention Center 10 3 ABC

9AM;  Social Services and Jazz: How To Take Care of Yourself on the Road and
Home  Professionals in the field discuss the health and well-being of jazz
artists.  What steps can be taken by individuals to live longer, often
without medical benefits?  And what can jazz organizations do to preserve
its greatest resources ­ the musicians who make the music?
Moderator: Suzan Jenkins/JAI;  Panelists: Vanessa Rubin; Chanda Rankin/Music
Cares; Dr. Frank Forte/Englewood Hospital;  Dorthaan Kirk/WBGO

11AM: The Wonderful World of Licensing Jazz for Television
Prominent lawyers and industry experts discuss the business of licensing
jazz for commercials, series¹ theme songs, background uses and TV movies.
You¹ll learn who chooses the music, what they look for, what they pay, and
how you find out if your music
Moderator: Alan Bergman/Alan Bergman & Associates;  Panelists: Peter
DiCeccoABC TV; Fera Mostow/The Walt Disney Company; Joel Strote, attorney at

1PM:  Jazz in a Digital World Apple's I-Tunes has sold over 100 million
downloads and many people are buying digital downloads for the first time,
proving the medium is indeed viable.  This panel will focus on how Jazz is
represented on I-Tunes, the
new Napster and Rhapsody and some strategies for how American's homegrown
art form can utilize this new form of marketing and distribution.
Moderator:  Bret Primack/Planet Bret.com  Panelists: Julie Miller/Napster;
Jon Vanhala/Verve; Derek Sivers/CD Baby; Steve Clark/Music Match

Friday, January 7: Convention Center 102ABC

10AM:  In the Mood For Moody.  A 1:1 session with James Moody
Jazz sax legend James Moody, who turns 80 this year (2005), does a
one-on-one interview with veteran music critic George Varga. Moody will talk
in detail about his illustrious career, his long musical partnership with
Dizzy Gillespie, his off-the-road period playing behind various pop stars in
Las Vegas casino orchestras, his recordings and how he keeps so active
today. He'll also discuss some social issues, including racism, and how he
approaches life on the road.  Moderator: George Varga/San Diego Union

12 Noon: Legends of Jazz Radio  An esteemed panel of jazz radio veterans
reminisce about jazz on the airwaves before NPR, Clear Channel and Arbitron.
Moderator: Steve Schwartz./WGBH FM Panelists: Dick Conte; Dick LaPalm; Tony
Mowod; Gene Norman; Jerry Dean

 3 PM: Excuse the Musical Disruption with Christian McBride & Bob Blumenthal
Yes, the name of last year¹s wildly successful panel has been changed,
thanks to our friends in the ESPN/Disney legal department.  But the format
is the same.  Colleagues McBride and Blumenthal go at it in a freewheeling,
yet structured format that allows the two men to disagree about nearly
everything.  Beantowner Blumenthal, working on his comb-over, and Philly
Fanatic McBride will take on a wide range of jazz-related topics, until the
whistle blows (they trademarked the bell ringing too).  First topic in the
walkdown is Jazz Cities.  Plus, five good minutes with a special guest.  We
think those legal Mouseketeers trademarked Statboy too, so we¹ll have to
come up with our own ombudsman title, but we know this panel won¹t smell.

5 PM: Our Brilliant Mistakes :  Forget the hype. Throw out the
self-promotion.  Bring on the humility and pain.  Several brave industry
veterans show their less-than-flattering side as they share stories of when
things didn¹t work out right in the business and tell what they learned from
their own mistakes.  Moderator: Ricky Schultz/Zebra Productions; Panelists:
Steve Backer; Frank Malfitano/Syracuse JazzFest/Detroit International Jazz
Festival; other panelists: TBA
Friday, January 7: Convention Center 10 3 ABC

9AM: The Future of Jazz Funding - An examination of recent jazz funding
initiatives, their relevance and value to the jazz community; and how new
funding trends can be best applied to improve the jazz business environment
for the entire jazz community. Moderator:  Marty Ashby/Manchester Craftsman
Guild;  Marty Khan/Outward Visions; Laura Johnson/Jazz at Lincoln Center;
Wayne Brown/NEA; Susan Dadian/Chamber Music America

11AM: The Evolution of an International Touring Network  More than ever, the
professional jazz musician must depend on gigs all over the globe.
Prominent talent buyers from international markets talk about the
opportunities for musicians globally and about various touring networks
among festivals and presenters.  Moderator: Willard Jenkins/Open Sky
Panelists: Wanda Edmonds/BET Event Productions; Rashid Lombard/Cape Town
Jazz Festival; John Gilbreath/Earshot Jazz; Ina Ditke/BPR Productions; Theo
Van Den Hoek/Northsea Jazz Festival
1PM:  Bricks & Clicks: The changing landscape of music retail  With online
sales on the rise, bricks and mortar stores have had to further refine their
efforts to provide a viable environment for sales.  Meanwhile online
services are under increased pressure to deliver profitability.  Players
from both arenas share their perspective on the future for the sales of jazz
music Moderator:  Randall Kennedy.  Kevin Cassidy/Tower; Bob
Ruttenberg/Coast to Coast; Jessica Sendra/Borders ; Richard
McDonnell.MaxJazz Records; Viola Galloway/Amoeba Records

4PM:  Closed Doors & Glass Ceilings  A candid look at how the jazz industry
can achieve more racial and gender diversity.  Moderator: Al Pryor/Mac
Avenue Records; Panelists; Chuy Varela/KCSM Radio; Todd Barkan/JALC; Gail
Boyd/Gail Boyd Mgt; Anthony Brown.

6PM:  Jazz Journalists Associations - Freelancers Response to Declining
Markets: Grow Your Own Market: If print inches or broadcast time is
unavailable for jazz coverage, take command -- these jazz journalists are
publishing and producing their own.
Howard Mandel/JJA; panelists Fred Jung/All About Jazz.com; Jon
Poses/National Pastimes Productions; Neil Tesser/Miles Ahead Radio; Paula
Edelstein/Sounds of Timeless Jazz.com

Saturday, January 8: Convention Center 102ABC
JAZZ SOUNDTABLE.  The very top practitioners of the art will play excerpts
from their discographies and tell inside stories from their craft.  Audience
members will be able to engage the artist behind today's acclaimed
recordings in candid dialogue about the latest jazz trends and developments.

 3PM:  Downbeat ŒBlindfold Test" with Charlie Haden and corespondent Dan

5PM:  Critical Mass: Esteemed music critics, musicians, and industry pros
discuss the role of the reviewer and the impact of journalism. Moderator:
Larry Blumenfeld editor-at-large. Sponsored by JAZZIZ Magazine; Panelists:
Paul de Barros /Seattle Times; Aaron Goldberg; Jason Marsalis; Bobby

Saturday, January 8: Convention Center 10 3 ABC

10AM: Jazz By Us For Us:  A survey of African-American radio, print and
television outlets and their relationship to jazz.  Why do so few
African-American radio stations play jazz now?  How can jazz get more
exposure in African-American media outlets?
Moderator: Dr. Billy Taylor; Panelists: Paxton Baker/BET Jazz; Thurston
Briscoe/WBGO; Jim Winston/NABOB;

1PM: Jazz Week.com sponsors How Do I Get Played on the Radio ­ And How Will
I Know?: Panel discussion on the ins and outs of jazz radio promotion, and
Jazz Week¹s new jazz charts, which are powered by Mediaguide¹s electronic
airplay monitoring.  Moderator: Ed Trefzger/Jazz Week Editor; Panelists:
Neal Sapper/New World N Jazz; Garrett Shelton/Sunnyside Records; Joe

4PM: Jazz in the Foreground ­ Great Jazz Film Scores and How they Got that
A candid discussion with several experienced film composers and jazz
musicians about the field of movie soundtracks.  Moderator:  Janine
Coveney/Luanch; Panelists; Marcus Miller; Phil Gallo/Variety

6PM:  Ask the Experts Summit Panel  Culling the most frequently asked
questions and topics from the 1:1 mentoring session, this panel of industry
experts will demystify the complex ways and means of the business of jazz.
Panelists:  ­ pulled from mentoring sessions ­ one from each category:
Moderator: Yvonne Ervin:  Panelists: Randall Kline/SF Jazz; Sherry
McAdams/Marsalis Music (not confirmed)

Ask the Experts (3-5PM on Friday and Saturday) We are not listing the

Friday, Jan 7

Francois Zalacain/Sunnyside Records
Darby Christensen/Summit Records
Don Gorder/Berklee College of Music
Peter Williams/Yoshis

Michael Ricci/All About Jazz
Terri Hinte/Fantasy Records


Penny Tyler, Ravinia
Randall Kline/SF Jazz

Lois Gilbert/Jazz Corner
Jo Foster/Concord Records

Saturday, Jan 8

Al Pryor/Mack Ave. Records

Peter Williams/Yoshi¹s
Dan Seef/Monk Institute

Lee Mergner, JazzTimes
Cary Goldberg, Go Media PR

Sherry McAdams/Marsalis Music (not confirmed)
Willard Jenkins/Open  Sky
Katherine McVicker

Athena Pope/Athena Media
Jimmy Eigo/Jazz Promo Services

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