[JPL] Playlist for December 14 J & B Tour WIth ASFM 105.4 in the Netherlands

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Sun Dec 12 18:48:11 EST 2004

Hai you all
Well all funeral and remeberance services for HRH Prince Bernhard of the
Netherlands have passed and now normal live and programming can take place
again. It were beautiful and appropiate services with a nice military touch
and one of the most impressiv moments was the fly-by of 3 F16's and one
Spitfire and right above the church where the Prince is burried the
formation broke up and the Spitfre rose high into the sky in honor of the
Prince.  this formation is called missing man and is very common around
military pilots which the Prince also was even in WW2.
So back to normal business with a new playlist !
Jazz & Blues Tour
C/O  Joost van Steen
PO  BOX  471
2400 AL  Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands
 Playlist December 14 2004 # 38

 1st Hour  21:00 - 22:00 hrs
Nr.    Artist  ---   Title     ====     From The Album;
1 New Cool Collective    ---    Big Mondays     ====     MORE !

2  Wayne Bergeron    ---    Rhytm Method      ====     You Call This a
Living ?
3  Blue Taxi    ---    Rory Style     ====    Step Aside!

4 Andrew Carney    ---    Grand Theft      ====     Playtime!
5 Carl Weathersby    ---    Leap of Faith      ====     In The House Live at
Lucerne Vol. 5

6 Times 4    ---     Seductivity      ====     Seductivity
7 Down Home Super Trio   ---    Sister Taught Me Guitar    ====   In the
House Live at Lucerne Vol. 6

8 Sarah Vaughan    ---    My Favorite Things     ====     After Hours
9 Big Joe Williams    ---     El Passo Blues      ====     Blues Masters

The  "M"( iles ) Moment...
10 Miles Davis    ---     Billie's Bounce     ====     Milestones
11 Lisa Gay and Thrill   ---    Santa Claus is Coming to Town     ====
Favorite Things

12 Nate Najar and His Quartet    ---     Cherry Drop     ====     Like,

Lean back and enjoy the 2nd hour,  so just let it slide....
2nd hour  22:00 - 23:00 hrs
Nr.   Artist     ---     Title     ====       From The Album;
1 Branford Marsalis   ---     Mo' Better Blues (Tune)     ====    Beneath
The Underdog

2 Øernes Blues Band    ---     Got to Move     ====     Playin' The Blues
3 Lutz Eikelmann     ---    Jeep's Blues     ====     Schwarze Augen

4 Sunnyland Blues Band     ---      The Best You can Do     ====     Soul
Storm Comin'
5 Mark Cargill     ---     Mardi Gras Jingle Bell Stomp     ====
Christmas Jazz

The South-African Jazz Corner !
6 Big Voice Jack     ---      Kirifi Toropo      ====      Things Just
7 Voice    ---      Days Mandulo     ====      Quintet Legacy Vol. 2

8 Marilyn Harris     ---      Make Another Memory     ====     Holiday
Greetings From Marilyn Harris
9  Corky McClerkin    ---      I Say Freedom      ====      Island of Dreams

10 Rich Walker     ---    Nature Boy      =====     East Coast Standards
11 Rene Froger     ---     Cry Me A River     ====    Pure

12 Barbara Montgomery    ---     Like a Lover     ====      Dakini Land

END Jean Toots Thielemans    ---      Hard to Say Goodbye      ====    Hard
to Say Goodbye
Well that's it or this week !
Do hope you like the line - up and ofcourse all your remarks / tricks/tips
highly appreciated !
You can also listen into the program by livestream audio for which a link
can be found on the site supporting the program; www.jazzbluestour.nl
Enjoy your week and do take care
Kindest regards
Joost van Steen
Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with Alphen Stad FM 105.4FM  103.4Cable in
the Green Heart of Holland, the Netherlands

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