[JPL] Did your station participate in Ray Day?

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I've Got News For You, Arturo!

Didn't know about Ray day which is interesting because I just attended the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame opening to their exhibit all about Ray Charles which will last through Fall of 2005.  Ray's manager, Joe Adams was in attendance as was Ray's producer from his ABC/Paramount years, Sid Feller.  This past Friday and Sunday we aired an hour special about the opening which also features the newly released DVD of Brother Ray's concert in Brazil. We've also aired a lot of Ray Charles in general because of his death in June, the release of the Concord recording, his birthday in September as well as the release of the movie.  



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Here at jazz 89 KUVO, we took part in Rhino Records' "National Day for Ray"
Friday December 10th, it marked the 6 month anniversay of the passing of Ray Charles. We played a different jazz or blues trax by Brotha Ray ignoring the hits at the top of each hour from 6am untill 6pm and gave away a OST of "Ray" each hour as well. Some hosts played a 2nd Ray trax at the bottom of the hour.  Our listeners loved it, the response surprised us, the phone would not stop ringing in the studio all day long, even when we were not giving away a CD. It was great to hear Mr. Charles on alto sax several times throughout the day along with his unique vocals.

I am curious (but not yellow), how many other jazz stations participated?
Friday's USA Today's edition had a full page ad on the event and I saw Siruis, Westwood 1, XM and EPSN Sports Radio, huh? in the ad as well as TV outlets like BET, VHI and MTV.
We were told by Rhino that all station involved in the tribute were to be listed in the ad, but either there were too many to list in a fashion pleasing to the eye or they had a change of heart. Please let me know if your station or if you know of another station in your market that was part of "A Day For Ray".

I saw the newly released DVD, the 1963 Ray Charles Big Band TV concert in Brazil that has just been released by Rhino, "O Genio". complete with the ads in Portuguese, great performance, Ray and the band at its peak!

Arturo Gómez

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