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Still Another Jazz Show   Dec 13

Kahil  El’ Zabar & David Murray/WE IS
 “One World Family”  Delmark Records

Bruce a. Henry   “Darker Brother/I Too Sing America”
CONNECTIONS    Bahlove Productions

Medeski, Martin & Wood   “Anonymous Skulls” END OF THE
PARTY (Just in Case)       Blue Note

Conrad Herwig / Brian Lynch   “Lonnie’s Lament”   QUE
Criss Cross Records

Tim McNamara Quartet    “Funertia”   “Vino Keveeno”  
BluJazz Label

Marilyn Harris   “The Wisdom Of Sam Kinison”    
Wrightwood   Records

Shelly Manne   “Doxy”   THE BEST OF SHELLY MANNE   
Contemporary Records 

Randy Halberstadt     “Don’t Forget The Poet”    
Origin Records    

Brad Mehldau    “Monk’s Dream”    SOLO PIANO   LIVE IN
Nonesuch Records 

Frank Jackson    “Autumn In New York”    NEW YORK
Kasis Records

Typhanie Monique & Neal Alger    “Song For My Father” 
 “Riders In The Storm” 
BluJazz Label 

Bob Acri   “Wake Robin”    BOB  ACRI  WITH....Diane
Delin, George Mraz, 
Lew Soloff, Ed Thigpen, Frank Wess.     BluJazz Label

Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble    “Mean  Ameen” 
Delmark Records   

BLUESLIKE   “Five Outs To Go “    ONE FOR ALL    Criss
Cross Records

Cynthia Basinet    “Santa Baby”    FOR YOU, WITH LOVE 
 Cynthia Basinet.com

Paul Kogut   “Know It?   I Wrote it!”    KNOW IT?  I
WROTE IT!   BluJazz Label

Drummer KAHIL EL’ ZABAR and saxophonist DAVID MURRAY
begin the show with “One World Family” from the new WE
IS >>LIVE AT THE BOP SHOP.   Murray plays bass
clarinet on this piece. He displays much muscle on
this instrument.  Great repor, presence and
spontaneity between these two. The “One World Family”
idea dates back almost forty years. I think of Richie
Havens, Charley Mingus, Joni Mitchell, Gene McDaniel’s
“Compared To What,” by Les McCann and Eddie Harris.
That same furtive joy and power. Rise above the muck
and mire.  The ‘live’ communication with Zabar and
Murray works here, especially with a live audience.   
That brings us to BRUCE  a. HENRY and an uplifting 
adaptation, version of a Langston Hughes poem,  “I Too
Sing America,” entitled “Darker Brother, I Too Sing
America.”  Henry has a unique flair, similar to a
Donny Hathaway and Jon Lucien.  A romance of music and
lyric with other selections, “Equinox,” Freddie
Hubbard’s and Mark Murphy’s “Red Clay” and some pepped
up standards, “In A Sentimental Mood,” “House Of the
Rising Sun” and the classic jazz tune “Afro Blue.”
CONNECTIONS is good mainstream cool, so dance your
heart away, urban lovers. Now it all fits inside with
“Anonymous Skulls” from the latest  MEDESKI, MARTIN
Case,) the kind Bret Easton Ellis portrays in “Rules
Of Attraction.” MMR always projects unique
antithetical funky humor, precisely throughout. Once
an MMR nodder,  always...cool.  All their stuff is
well produced  in the studio, as well as,  in a live
performance.    Trombonist CONRAD HERWIG and trumpet
player BRIAN LYNCH collaborate on this latest QUE VIVA
COLTRANE on Criss Cross Records.   These are all
Coltrane songs, dressed with a Latin beat.  This 
septet jumps up on these Coltrane jams.  We played
“Lonnies Lament” sounds like a Gerald Wilson big band
version, which means these arrangements can be adapted
to a larger ensemble.   It works to perfection with
this smaller septet, leaving lots of room for the
others. Check out “Miles Mode,” “Grand Central” and
“Locomotion.” Actually, all the tunes are good.  A 
genuine Coltrane lover  hard bop fix!
 Saxophonist, TIM McNAMARA begins the next segment
with an  original “Funertia” from the new EARTH SIGNS
CD.  Now there’s a new word for the English language,
“Funertia,” Could it be joyful ecstacism  for McNamara
plays it  deep, a big smokey, swirly sound with nice
foreplay from guitarist, Kyle Asche. The other members
of this stellar quartet, George Fludas, drums and
Clark Summers, bass.  All these guys skip around, 
holding hands in joyful noise!   MARILYN HARRIS   is
next with a tune from her NEXT CD, titled “The Wisdom
Of Sam Kinison,” the shriek humorist. These guys enjoy
it, amped  up more than the rest of us. Harris gives a
nice tribute, to the Sam man;  “ Remember, Go Where
The Food Is!”   If  Id’ ve followed that advice, I’d
probably be fat and still married.   SHELLY MANNE is
next with the classic Sonny Rollins tune “Doxy” from
the recent BEST OF series from Contemporary Records
with Stu Williamson, trumpet, Charlie Mariano, alto
saxophone, Russ Freeman, piano and LeRoy Vinnegar on
bass.  All these players are staples of the West Coast
scene. This music has been remastered in ‘ought four’ 
and it’s like being there with the fellas!  Pianist
RANDY HALBERSTADT is next with a brand new CD,
PARALLEL TRACKS on Origin Records. We played the great
Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi’s “Don’t Forget The
Poet” to close this segment and Randy Halberstadt is
nothing less than superb in his rendition. Halberstadt
has the empathy of an artist, especially “In 
The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.”
Pianist BRAD MEHLDAU  begins the second hour with an
exploration in “Monk’s Dream” from his new LIVE IN
TOKYO CD on Nonesuch Records. Brad goes solo. If you
really want to know the man than listen to this; his
expansive repertoire , the karma of his music, the
love...The power.
San Francisco’s own FRANK JACKSON records this gem.
His “Autumn In New York” is melodrama best rendition
of this great standard in many years, nostalgic,
wistful, designed to bring back memories.  Jackson’s
definitely is the West Coast Bobby Short.  Like fine
brandy,  you  roll it around in your glass, relax and
listen.    The CD is NEW YORK AFTER DARK. I was there
for a  brief spin in seventy one and Jackson has it
together, especially on Sunday,  when the streets are
clear for only the home bodies.    TYPHANIE MONIQUE
and NEAL ALGER duo are next with a rendition of “Song
For My Father” by Horace.  Sounds like a Roman elegy.
Maybe mom was right. Horace is Horace! Then the
fantastic duo does The Doors, “Riders On The Storm:
with remark-fullness.  This duo does it nicely, 
scatting softly back and forth.  Thios is nice upper
middle classy post modern jazz. You gotta a double
wide house party with Cathedral ceilings in Moline,
play this one anywhere and you’ll get a plug,”Hey, 
That’s great!”   “Riders On The Storm.”  Check out
Alger’s guitar work.  BOB ACRI   loads up with great
talented musicians, Diane Delin, George Mraz. Lew
Soloff, Ed Thigpen and Frank Wess. They’ll not lead
you astray, brothers and sisters. We played Acri’s
“Wake Robin” with ample solo ing from all the above. 
This is classic Ellington  mellow - drome.   ERNEST
Ameen ,”tribute to trumpet player Ameen Muhammad .
“Mean Ameen,” meaning Ameen was a ‘mean’ trumpet
player, that the brothers loved to play with... 
Understood.  And we can dig it, as well.  MEAN AMEEN
is a cosmopolitan jam we pray for...BLUESLIKE...What a
great hard bop band; Eric Alexander, Jim Rotundi,
Steve Davis, David Hazeltine, Peter Washington, Joe
Farnsworth...You know what’s up! Post Hard bop to  the
East Coast  max. We played “Five Outs To Go.” As I
said before, you know what that’s all about!  CYNTHIA 
 BLANKET’S version of Eartha  Kitt’s “Santa Baby” is a
trick catch, freaky...a Gautama  goodie. I’m already
tasting the sugar cookies.     PAUL CADGED winds it
down it down to the bare minimum, with the last song
“Know It, I Wrote It.” That’s it. That’s all for now.

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