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Don't know how well these will relate to your story, but pro surfers Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater have both released CD's. Johnson had quite a bit of success with his and opened for a recent Ben Harper tour. Former Dodger, Cardinal and Indians pitcher  Scott Radinsky has been in two pretty popular punk bands Ten Foot Pole and Pulley. A few NBA players have released some very mediocre rap CDs. Allen Iverson and Shaq off the top of my head.

Rapper Master P, who also runs No Limt Records, played with the Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Hornets for about 3 seconds each. Smooth Jazz bassist, Waymon Tisdale, also had a a career in the NBA.



>I will be writing a story in February for a Denver publication on pro
>athletes that were also pro musicians either before, during or after their
>careers. I'll most likely mention a few athletes that became entertainers 
>other fields like Jim Brown and Chuck Connors, but the main focus will be
>music and sports.
>I'd like to hear from forum members with any suggestions, some of those 
>feature, good and bad, Paul Robeson, Arthur Lee Maye, "Suga" Ray Robinson,
>Muhammad Ali (as Cassius Clay), Shaquille O'Neal, Joe Frazier and others.
>I'm not covering amateur sports or athletes like Jackie Wilson, just pro
>athletes and professional musicians, despite their success in either 
>In advance, thanks mucho.
>Arturo Gómez

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