[JPL] Re: Programming limited to name recognition

MRJAZZOFNO at aol.com MRJAZZOFNO at aol.com
Sat Jul 3 11:56:59 EDT 2004

The music is already in danger of passing away. Not affording the next 
generation to continue the tradition is just another blow to it's development and 
What does a name have to do with good music? Music should be judged by the 
quality of the performance, not by who it is. I get much music to listen to from 
the Dr., Dick, John, Garrett,Greg,Kate,Palmetto,411 and lots of other folks. 
I try to listen to as much as possible, and decide which cuts from a new disc, 
or for that fact from an established artist catches my fancy to the point 
that I will share that cut with my audience. To deny airplay to up and coming 
artists is like cutting the Jazz Tree down. What will happen when everyone with a 
name passes? Will we be just stuck dead in the mud with reissues? New artists 
are the lifeblood for the future of the music. Keep it flowing!

Michael "Mr. Jazz" Gourrier
WWOZ-FM New Orleans

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