[JPL] creating name recognition & standards

Juan-Carlos Valencia hjun98 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 5 16:46:54 EDT 2004

What an interesting thread...!

Being outside the U.S (and Europe), I have to rely on the magazines
(and your playlists here) to determine what could be interesting for
my audience to hear. 

But I´ve began to realize that sometimes the "Big Names" are just the
result of media campaigns and that many times the hype does not fit
the actual music works in terms of quality and substance. 

While shopping music in the U.S, I´ve gone after those names
presented in the trade magazines whose music is not available at the
local stores in Colombia, but I´ve found real jewels in the  releases
that small labels and independent promoters are sending me. 

I felt the same way during the IAJE conference in New York : some big
name concerts were rather a disappointment while many little known
artists (to me), were stellar and inspiring. 

I was even thinking about posting a related topic here : The trade

Do you rely on them to devise your programming ? Do you trust them ?
Which do you prefer ? JazzTimes ? Jazziz ? Downbeat ?
Are they useful for your programming work ? Do you read them at all ?


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