[JPL] New Jazz v Museum Pieces

Martin Wright jazzman at hotkey.net.au
Thu Jul 8 08:20:50 EDT 2004

This is one of the most interesting discussions for some time. I have no doubt that to be relevant a program must include new faces unless it is a tribute. Even then in  most cases it is easy to include new players into a theme. I know that when I introduce new or unfamiliar players or music into a program I get the greatest number of phone calls. 

The most popular is an annual show I do playing tracks from bands from clubs and pubs around the country, often these are just demo tapes and aren't even of particularly good quality.I have found the hardest part of this show is the research to find where the bands is currently playing so I can answer the phone calls.

The great thing about the music we, and our listeners, love is that even when it's history it's living history. Every time you listen to a good jazz track, even if its the hundredth time, it is still living and there is always something new, something you missed the first 99 times.

We need to expose audiences and new talent to each other, dead players made poor live jazz and without live jazz our music would lose the majority of its attraction to many fans. After all, in Australia at least, the majority of radio is listened to in cars when commuting; not the best time to drift off in sheer pleasure at the music. I used to try to review new CDs in the car and gave that up after I realised that I hadn't even had the chance to note a track number which I may have wanted to check again.

Oh yes, anyone that would like their new jazz played 'downunder' is welcome to send it to me, I'll always find room to fit good new material into my museum.

Martin Wright
Plenty Valley fm
15 Kalmaine Court
Diamond Creek,
Victoria 3089

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