[JPL] Using Magazines

Martin Wright jazzman at hotkey.net.au
Thu Jul 8 08:38:55 EDT 2004

As usual from the depths of Colombia comes a number of interesting points. Being remote from the homes of magazines is the first problem, by the time that they reach the stands in Australia they are often quite old and usually don't have much about anything but the large labels anyway. Subscriptions solve the time delay but are often expensive and can prove risky as I found some years ago when Jazzizz changed hands and the new owners decided not to continue subscriptions to Australia on copyright grounds because of the CDs included, more recent attempts to start subscriptions to Jazzizz have met with a wall of silence si I guess they still don't like overseas subscriptions.

A great magazine out of the UK called Jazz on CD was exactly what I needed for European jazz but obviously not enough people agreed with me as it went broke. 

Magazines in Australia are limited and the number of reviewers more so, not ideal for extensive research for programming or variation in criticisms. 

Juan Carlos, when you have solved this dilemma be sure to share the solution with other outposts of the jazz world.

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