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Bopndicks  20 Picks     July 2004

Terry Gibbs      52ND & BROADWAY
Songs Of The Bebop Era    Mack Avenue Records
“Gibbs celebrates bebop with this illustrious classic 
of great jazz players and  memorable arrangements
with full string compliment.   A perspective of bebop 
over 60 years , a Gibbs tribute to the ‘bones.’  “

John La Barbera Big Band     ON THE WILD SIDE
Jazz Compass
“A true jazz band in every sense, La Barbera
celebrates our near
distant past of Ellington, Evans, Ferguson and Basie,
when they 
forget to dance, ‘just blew their brains out’ and we
smiled and 
carried  on.”

Tomasz Stanko Quartet     SUSPENDED NIGHT       ECM
“Stanko’s influence on this young ensemble resembles
the Miles effect
on the Hancock/ Carter/Williams/Shorter aggregation 
of the sixties
to create forty years later, another miracle.” 

Diana Krall    THE GIRL IN THE OTHER ROOM     Verve
“This Krall  reflects a nostalgia for sad songs and
lost locations of Joanie
Mitchell, Tom Waits, Mose  Allison, and Elvis
Costello.  I know, there’s 
movie glitterati about to appear that’ll  blind the
strong and succumb the weak, 
but this lady always  curls up in your lap and
whispers in your ear.” 

Mulgrew Miller Trio       LIVE AT YOSHI ‘S   VOLUME
“This Mulgrew  triumvirate is one of the day’s most
prolific and imposing 
as an Oscar Peterson  shadow.” 

Bobby Watson & Horizon     HORIZONS REASSEMBLED     
Palmetto Records
Watson’s Horizon span the past -present hard nose bop
of  Junior Cooks,’
Johnny Griffens,’  Tina Brooks’ and with Terell
Stafford, the fire of Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard
burns bright on the all night bandstand in Art
Blakey’s jazz corner Of The World.”

Von Freeman       THE GREAT  DIVIDE       Premonition
“In his eighth decade,  absorbing the music from  way
back when 
dance bands were the rage,  the Cubs nearly won the
pennant, and by golly,
a select few  heard the first noise from  Minton’s.
Season with Charlie Parker 
and John Coltrane, and you have continuous all new 
re-energized Von Freeman.”

Sunnyside Records
“Gilman offers a whole new Brubeck with a  progressive
crisp version of songs  
we know and haven’t heard,  quite like this, until
now.    “Time Again” gets up and walks 
in a way that’ll get your ‘ UPS’ going Listen first to
” Blue Rondo A La Turk “and then to “Weep
No More” and guaranteed, It’ll  have you dancing in
the streets. Hell,  Brubeck  laughed and loved it.”   

Jose Rizo’s   Jazz On The Latin Side All Stars    THE
Saungu Records
Rizo’s raucous Latin band of el hefi All Stars has the
right swagger in their step and motion, counterpuntal
affectation and give me  Poncho Sanchez  to bat clean
up anytime,
(No way Wednesday- Poncho doesn’t work on Wednesday.) 
So, power up your 
samba , hammer on your  marimba  because THE BAND’s in
town. All the treats are here 
on this one.” 

Karrin Allyson        WILD FOR YOU       Concord
“Allyson provides still another memorable portrayal
with a whole
 new set of standards.  The arrangements are new and
fresh. “Wild For You Baby,”
struck me as a Saturday night piano bar  warm up in
Elkhart in February
 before last call. A lonely few, hugging their stools
close, as the woman sings on piano. 
There’s a little club she plays in Carmel, seventy
five seating capacity at most, that provides 
the necessary ambience.”

Greg Osby       PUBLIC       Blue Note
“The Great Osby” is to heard in person, a Picasso in
counterpoint, hanging out
 marvelous epithets and passages. Humor’s  derived
from a hard bop classic
“Bernie’s Tune”with Osby sporting Ray Bans  and a
sixties ‘Dolphy’ thin lapel sport coat.
At times, you imagine Fats Navarro and Wardell Gray on
the banstand.”

Denny Zeitlin       SLICKROCK      MAXJAZZ
“Zeitlin’s  iconoclast of time, tempo and place is
back.  You always remember 
the Uncle who’s witty, eccentric and intellectual.  
Denny’s  Zeitgeist is  memorable,
 impassioned and long overdue.”

Giacomo Gates      CENTERPIECE     Origin  Records
“Giacomo’s full a  hip, scat with premium bop
credentials and a turn for original 
epigram.  Everyone should have a Giacomo Gates in
their jazz collection.”

Kerry Linder      SAIL AWAY WITH ME       Blue Toucan
“Soft, articulate and sensual, Kerry Linder whispers:
‘ forget your sorrows
and samba with me  a slow boat to China.’ ”

Jim Rotundi  Quintet            NEW VISTAS       
Criss Cross Records
“This is almost too hard bop and  funky,  not to be
cool, soaring high 
between euphoria and epilepsy. So strap yourself  in, 
if you dare, and take the 
Rotundi free ride.”

John Stetch        EXPONENTIALLY MONK       Justin
Time Records
“Stetch impression of Monk:   A 200 mph bullet train
arriving in our town 
with youthful exuberance in tack. We love Monk for his
profound simplicity.
Stetch delivers a jet set Thelonius on the run- a 
Salvador Dali, tweaking his mustache
 for the folks in first class on the Il de France and 
other  breathtaking peculiar events.” 

Andy Bey         AMERICAN   SONG             Savoy
“American Song has profound meaning, 
memorable arranging by Geri Allen,  
great songs by prominent 20th Century songwriter,
and with grace and elegant
soul,  he’s  able to tell you his tale. 
You believe his ‘honesty. 
Ray Charles had it.  
Now, Andy Bey has that repor.”

Michel Patrucciani     SO WHAT- BEST OF     Dreyfus
“You hear it in the first song- 
a ferocious duet- piano, Rhodes and Hammond B-3 
and you know the Petrucciani magic,  right off.
He fed an enormous appetite for the moment-
improvisation of knowing 
it’ll never happen again and it’ll never end. 
What a way to live a life!
All in this best of...”

Joe Lovano     I’M ALL FOR YOU   Blue Note
“Joe Lovano calls the tunes and Hank Jones does what
he’s been doing for years.
The ambience here is fifties /sixties jazz lounge
life. It works like John Cassevetes 
“Faces,” nostalgic, lonely hearts,  bittersweet and

Joe Locke & 4 Walls Of Freedom       DREAM LIFE    
Sirocco Music 
“Joe Locke is strong, captivating and unyielding,
 especially in ‘dear life’
Tommy Smith, the Scot, soars proportionately, 
to a whole  better person.
and Gary Novak and Ed Howard  rhythm-ing   
the sum of everyone else’s  parts.”

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