[JPL] Ben Riley/ Philly Jo Jones

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 09:54:15 EDT 2004

Hi Jon. There's a plethora of material out with both of these masters as I'm sure you know but some of my favorites with Ben would of course be any of his great work with Monk and the quintet with Johnny Griffin and Eddie Lockjaw Davis from the early sixties. "Griff and Lock" I think was the title of one of those great recordings. 
As for Philly.....whew, that's a tough one but here's some I would suggest......."Newk's Time" by Sonny Rollins. Philly is killin on this one. "Milestones" is his masterpiece with Miles. "Goin Up" by Freddie Hubbard. I do believe this was Freddie's first recording as a leader and "Showcase" by Philly himself on Riverside. These would be a few I would recommend out of many. Good luck with the show. 
Jae Sinnett

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This week marks the birthdays of two wonderful
drummers- Philly Jo Jones and Ben Riley. Gotta spin
some of their stuff this week to recognize them.

Rather than spend 10 hours listening, thought I'd seek
some help in finding tunes that best showcase these
two gentlemen's work.

Anyone? Bueller?

Your help is appreciated.



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Going for adds and spins!

Karrin Allyson - Wild For You

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