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Still Another Jazz Show     July 12

Jeff Marx    “Scare ‘em  Stupid”   TREADING  AIR/
Soluna Records

James Silberstein    “Nica’s Dream”      SONG FOR
CAP Records

Fred Hersch      “Down Home”   FRED HERSCH TRIO + 2
Palmetto Records

Martha Lorin    “Get Out Of Town”   “I’m Gonna Sit
Right Down 
And Write Myself A Letter”    BLUES OVER BROADWAY 
Lampkin Music 

Joan Stiles   “Creole Love Call”  “Blood Count”   LOVE
Zoho Records         

Dizzy Gillespie/ Chico O’Farrell    “Exhuberante”  
Fantasy Jazz

Cal Tjader   “Descarga Cubana”   RITMO CUBANO  
Fantasy Jazz

Bill O’Connell     “Barcelona”   “Fast Eddie”   LATIN
Random Chance Records

Benny Golson    “Killer Joe”   “Terminal 1"   
TERMINAL 1   Concord Jazz

Stefon Harris & Blackout    “For Him, For Her”   
EVOLUTION    Blue Note

Jackie Allen   “Lazy Afternoon”   LOVE IS BLUE      
A440 Music

John Scofield     “Bag”    ENROUTE      Verve Records

Walt Weiskopf  Sextet    “Sight”   SIGHT TO SOUND  
Criss Cross Records

JEFF MARX and “Scare em Stupid” from TREADING
AIR/BREATHING FIRE reminds me of those days in the mid
sixties on Wayne State University’s campus at John
Sinclair’s Artist Workshop, where the likes of Albert
Ayler, Archie Shepp and Ornette Coleman were in vogue
and ‘off the top your head’  free form poetry,
chanting and shouting expletives, not on the public
air waves. It was a kinder gentler Newton Minnow ‘TV
is a vast waste land’ FCC.   A Promethius Unbound, a
Stephen Dedalius/Molly Bloom silique.   Later Marx, as
a young lad, in the motor city environs, laced with
Motown, blues and hard bop,  played harmonica like a
Norton Buffalo. You can stand across from the old
Cadillac stamping plant on Jefferson, where one story
die casts used to fire up whole sides of cars in the
forties. You can still smell it, fumes of fire and
molden steel, reminiscent of the good old days, when
Walter Ruether  was considered the enemy of the people
by the big car makers.  Nowadays, Detroit has been
‘papered over’ by sports talk, downtown development
(take me back to Floods),  men in grey flannel suits,
sunny smiles and gargantuan public relation law firms.
Marx sensibility is from the former, the hard assed
edge of Detroit’s near East Side edginess.   Eminem on
a saxophone ride.   No bull ----! To me this is what
“Scare Em Stupid” is about.  Of course, there are
compadres in this mass execution and  anarchistic view
of fun,”  reminds of some the great McCoy Tyner and
John Coltrane collaborations of the sixties. “Scare Em
Stupid” is sixteen minutes of power house jamming,
time changes, terrific solos by Marx, Esposito and
bass player Ira Coleman.  Let’s not  over analyze.
There’s ass shaking chemistry here.   The music
delivers with pure visceral impact the kind that we
relish in a good live performance.  TREADING
AIR/BREATHING FIRE is a pleasant surprise, a real jam!
   Guitarist , JAMES SILBERSTEIN and his new release
SONG FOR MICAELA  follows with a fast tempo hard bop
Horace Silver, “Nica’s Dream.” Some the top players
here with trumpet phenom, Randy Brecker, hard edged,
saxophonist, Eric Alexander and bass player, Harvie
S..  Carla Cook sings on “So Many Stars,” a Sergio
Mendes.   Silberstein’s as solid guitarist with
expertise in many disciplines, sounding like Pat
Martino on this one. Good technique and command.   
FRED HERSCH’s new treasure TRIO +2 on Palmetto
Records.   We played a  “Down Home” with the salutary 
horn play of trumpet player Ralph Alessi and
saxophonist, Tony Malaby.
Next segment begins with Martha Lori singing “Get Out
of Town” with a straight ahead,  no foolin approach.
She has the great benefit of a great band and most
interesting arrangements, especially on “I Gonna Sit
Right Down And Write Myself A Letter.” Lorin has a
very throaty, almost baritone, vocal quality and very
direct phrasing.   That’s what we like about the
woman. Pianist JOAN STYLES follows with a nice
rendition Ellington’s “Creole Love Call. Sounds like
she took the big band charts and scaled them to a more
intimate setting.   Although the original weas made
for solos from the Ellington band.   We heard Clark
Terry, Jerry Dodgeon and bass clarenetist  Joe
Temperley. Then Styles performs a solo performance of
“Blood Count.” This full of the wistful Strayhorn 
nostaglia.  She does it in a way,  you can hear
Strayhorn’s thinking on this song.   Written late in
his life, probably  facing his own mortality, Styles 
brings out the poignancy.   DIZZY GILLESPIE Y MACHITO
on maracas with a band conducted by Afro Cuban master
Chico O Farrell. The tune is “Exuberante” along with
another by CALTJADER from this CD , “Descarga Cubana”
are part of  RITMO   AFRO-CUBANO on Fantasy jazz.   A
marvelous new release of Afro Cuban classics.
BILL O’CONNELL begins the second hour with “Barcelona”
from the new LATIN JAZZ FANTASY on Random Jazz.   A
stirring selection complete with a full string
Then “Fast Eddie”  with a more fast pace uptown Latin
flavor.   Saxophonist Bob Malach adds some soul sauce
to this free swinging piece, perfect time for a  segue
from “Fast Eddie” to “Killer Joe,” with BENNY GOLSON
from the new TERMINAL 1 CD on Concord Jazz.  We then
played “Terminal 1," a title song to the Stephen
Spielberg  motion picture, “Terminal 1" with Tom
Hanks.  Golson’s a good writer, dating back to his
days with Horace Silver band and Art Farmer and The
Jazz Sextet.   Now,  the connection with Hollywood,
Golson  credits never cease!   Fine writer, great jazz
 player, and a committed man.   Read the last page of
the new CD jacket.  A jazz musician’s  mission
STEFON HARRIS and BLACKOUT start the last segment with
a catchy theme, “For Him, For Her” from the new
EVOLUTION on Blue Note. This is a very young
aggressive band with a nice mainstream jazz sound,
meaning you’ll find something to like about all the
tunes on this CD.  Cory Benjamin plays a nice alto
saxophone, a Kenny Garrett refrain against 
sophisticated Latin thematic, mix Fender Rhodes and
Harris vibes in there and you get a nice cappuccino 
Then,  JACKIE ALLEN invites us in for a “Lazy
Afternoon,” a very sensuous love song from LOVE IS
BLUE CD on A440 Records.   What do you think when you
hear “I know a place that’s quiet/ except for  daisies
running riot/ and there’s no one passing by it to
see/come spend this lazy afternoon with me.” Jackie
Allen delivers a compelling invitation.   JOHN
SCOFIELD TRIO  with Steve Swallow on electric bass and
Bill Stewart on drums.   Remember the Jeff Marx we
played in the beginning of the show,  ENROUTE  is like
that, only more laid back and on line, a live
performance at  The Blue Note in NYC.  Similar energy.
  Saxophonist,  WALT WEISKOPF SEXTET says goodbye in
flight from the new Criss-Cross Record release, SIGHT 
TO  SOUND 	with relevant post modern hard bop. A
rather ‘Viking horn over the fiords’ dissonant 
conclusion. Remember to read Benny Golson’s concluding
remarks on the last  page of his new TERMINAL 1 CD.  
Peace, for now.

Dick Crockett
MONDAYS, 10 am & 10 pm,  Pacific
“The Voice” 88.7 fm
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