[JPL] Y Los Piratas Del Flamenco!

Maurice Hogue moehogue at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 16 12:19:46 EDT 2004

>I concur. A very deep introspective recording.
>Eric, if you're into the "palmas," check out Vince Mendoza/Afif Mardin's 
>"Jazz Pana." Rarely have I heard it ultilized at this level.
>Jae Sinnett

also a couple of hard-to-find cd's on the Spanish Resistencia label
recorded in Seville in 2000, Cruce De Caminos and Pasajes/Passages
with people like George Colligan, Marc Miralta and Perico Sambeat and
Flamenco guitarist Gerardo Nunez.  Recorded at the Second Seminar
on Jazz and Flamenco early in 2000 then a follow-up gig later that year.

Colligan absolutely tears up the piano.

Maurice Hogue

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