[JPL] The Jazz Trip--Weekending July 11, 2004

James Cervantes jacinto at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Sun Jul 18 12:37:33 EDT 2004

The Jazz Trip--Weekending July 11, 2004
Host: James Cervantes
KWVA Eugene OR
Streaming at: kwvaradio.org/

Artist----- Track------ Album----- Label
Spanish Harlem Orchestra---Cuando Te Vea---Across 110th Street---Libertad
Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra---Flying Home---Salute to the Big
Bands of the WWII Era---Smithsonian/Folkways
Charlie Parker---The Street Beat---The Best of Bird---Legacy
Another Shining Path---A Fork in the Road---Radical Grace Vol. 1---Drimala
Apostolic Polyphony---Part-Two Invention---Radical Grace Vol. 1--- Drimala
Aercine--- Roundup---Radical Grace Vol. 1---Drimala
Jeff Marx---Times Change---Treading Air Breathing Fire---Soluna
Glauco Sagebin---Rio Negro--- When Baden Meets Trane---Blue Toucan
Bradfield, Kupersmith, Sirota--- Day Dream---Rule of Three---Liberated Zone
Zu Quartet + Vandermark---Vegetalista--- Radiale--- Atavistic
Terge Gewelt---Drum and Bass---Small World---Resonance
Lisa Sokolov---Sons of ---Presense---Laughing Hourse Records
Liebig, Vatcher, Golia---Flurries---On the Cusp Of Fire and Water---Red
Vibes Alive---The Spoken Word---This is Acid Jazz Vol. 2---Instinct
Charles Papasoff---Serious---Amalgam(e)---Red Toucan
Laura Andel Orchestra---Entering---Amalgam(e)---Red Toucan
Kyle Bruckmann---11A:Gaps & Fictions---Gasps & Fissures--- 482 Music
The Exciting Trio---Bow:M---In Chicago There is Willy---482 Music
Matt Davignon---Track 2---Music at 1/2 Speed---Edgetone
Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra---East on 53rd Street---Circumvention
Hilmar Jensson---Letta---Ditty Blei---Songlines
The Tango Group---Rebecca--- Amor pro el Tango---Soundbrush
Spaceways Inc + Zu---Trash A-GoGo---Radiale---Atavistic
Spring Heel Jack---Lata---The Sweetness of Water---Thirsty Ear
Steuart Liebig/The Mentones--- Graveyard---Locustland---pfMENTUM
Mumbles---Oceania---Audio Alchemy---Ubiquity
Noertker's Moxie---The Hats--- Sketches of Catalonia Vol. 1---Edgetone
Dr. Michael White---Jambalaya Strut---Dancing in the Sky---Basin Street

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