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> Hi,
> James was a good frien of mine... about my age...  How did he die?
> Ray Reach

James played in Boston on April 18th at a tribute to the late Vinnie  
Haynes, (Roy's brother and Roy was in attendence.) He sounded wonderful,  
working with Bill Pierce, Andy McGhee and other great players.

James lived in Boston for years. Frequently he played around town with  
Alan Dawson, John Lockwood and Bill Pierce. We Bostonians were very  
fortunate. I was honored when James asked me to do the notes for his CD  
Talkin' Trash.

About a month ago I heard he was very sick so I called him to check on  
him. He said he was fine when he played at the Haynes tribute. He said  
they had found a tumor on his liver. In addition, there were other liver  
complications but they couldn't be treated until after they treated the  

Such a great guy! He prided himself in his knowledge of a tremendous  
amount of music. He was an interesting man to talk to and he was great to  

I've got some features to do this evening on my show, including a live  
performance at 9:00 PM and a live interview with George Wein at 10:15 but  
for the rest of my show I'll be playing James' music. We have some music  
by James and Billy Pierce that was recorded by WGBH and not commercially  
available. I think I'll air some of that music around 8:00 PM.

WGBH is located at 89.7 FM and we are 100.000 watts so we get into all the  
New England states. We are on the web at www.wgbh.org and my show airs 7  
PM until Midnight.

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