[JPL] Denver vocalist fills void

Arturo Gomez arturo893 at qwest.net
Thu Jul 22 12:26:53 EDT 2004

All of us jazz radio heads are always keeping our fingers crossed hoping to get a male vocalist with chops to play. Female vocalists are far too many to choose from so when a radio friendly male vocalist appears, most likely it receives prompt attention. With that in mind be on the look out for baritone-Carl Dixon and The Jazz Cats. Carl is originally from Trenton, NJ but has been in Denver for over 20 years. He finally recorded his first CD. We are playing it on Jazz 89, KUVO to the delight of our programmers and listeners.

 Carl has embarked on a cross country car trip, a northern route to New Jersey and a southern route returning to the Mile High City. He gave me his itinerary and I gave him a list of jazz radio outlets for every major and minor town he travels through with a contact so he can deliver a copy of his debut album, "It's A Time For Love". Carl is a singer in the tradition of Billy Eckstine, Arthur Prysock etc and is refreshing to hear a contemporary recording in that vein with remakes associated with them as well. Moreover, the accompanying musicians are in fine form especially saxist Rich Chiarluce, back in Denver after a hiatus back East. Kenny Walker, Denver's master bassist, Jeff Jenkins on the 88's and Paul Romaine on drums are the other Jazz Cats.

When Carl returns from his sojourn, he'll be mailing his CD to those stations he didn't visit in person, so.......if you're interested in obtaining a copy of a Cd that won't change the history of jazz male vocals but has a song or 2 for the most conservative or open-ended jazz programming, let me know and I'll see to it you get a copy soon.

  Oh, one final note, the CD has nice artwork and is very radio friendly as the tracks are numbered, the timings are easy to see and the personnel is there to read on the back j-card without straining, something that can't be said about too many releases as of late.

Arturo Gómez

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