[JPL] women messengers?

David Basse db at davidbasse.com
Fri Jul 23 10:10:08 EDT 2004

Larry, Are you talking about LaVerne Barker, the bassist with Andy Kirk's
Twelve Clouds of Joy? Definitely a man. Check him out, with the guitar and
bass out front of the band, in the movie "Killer Dillers". He also recorded
about 1947 - 1948 with Saxophonist Joe Thomas and was also in Eddie
Haywood's band.

David Basse / Kansas Public Radio

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Joanne is one of the great ones, but does anyone know anything about Laverne
Baker (not the R&B singer), who played bass on Blakey's first recording as a
leader of the Jazz Messengers (from 1947 re-issued under the title "New
Sounds")? I suppose it's possible that Laverne is a man, but that would be a
heavy cross to bear.

Larry Appelbaum

>...JoAnne is a gifted pianist who opened the set with a few songs with the
>and in the middle of the set, Roseanna laid out for a few more numbers led
>by JoAnne, the first and only female to be a member of Art Blakey's Jazz

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