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Still Another Jazz Show    July 19

Jeff Marx    “Times Change”   “Through A Glass

Betty Carter     “Open The Door-Theme Song”    
Verve Music

Mulgrew Miller   “The Organ Grinder”    LIVE AT

Joe Gilman Trio    “Weep No More”      TIME AGAIN-
BRUBECK REVISITED      Sunnyside Records

Michelle Samuels    “I Could Marry The Rain”   
“Hum Drum Blues”     ACROSS A CROWDED ROOM

Michelle Patrucciani      “Summertime”    SO WHAT-
BEST OF       Dreyfus Jazz

Joe Lovano    “The Summary(from Suite For Pops)
Blue Note

Von Freeman    “Be My Love”   THE GREAT DIVIDE
Palmetto Records

Jeff Hall     “In Walked Bud”   “Can’t Take You

Greg Osby     “Shaw Nuff”        PUBLIC        Blue

Karrin Allyson    “All I Want”   “Help Me”   
WILD FOR YOU     Concord Jazz

John La Barbera Big Band   “Cachaca  Gotcha”   
ON THE WILD SIDE        Jazz Compass

Jazz On The Latin Side All Stars     “Carumba”  
Saungu’ Records  

Bobby Watson & Horizon    “Horizon Reassembled”
HORIZON  REASSEMBLED    Palmetto Records

JEFF MARX  jumps right out at you, like a late night
after hours session, off  ancient rolls of new hard
bop hieroglyphics- smoke filled Storyville sessions- a
reincarnation of Hank Mobley, Tina Brooks, Gigi Gryce
and ‘ my man’  Booker Ervin., where the tenor player
soars, moans, seethes, until  thinking free and
motionless.   TREADING AIR-BREATHING FIRE ‘s a CD, you
wish would last longer, not constrained by radio
shortcuts.   We played “Time Change” and “Through A
Glass Lightly.” But,  you need to hear this session in
a longer, very personal-like smuggled out of the club
by a twitchy sound man in a long overcoat,  who
approaches you and whispers he has this new unreleased
version of a Jeff Marx, John Esposito live session,
sort of like “Scare Em Stupid,” you dig and I’ll lay
it on you for twenty five bucks.” “Treading
Air-Breathing Fire” has rather forbidden open mike
underground vision , a feeling you get when you listen
to this new CD.  So enjoy,  while you walk Manhattan’s
lonely street of dreams, you with your earphones tuned
into- like you’re sitting in on “Treading
Air-Breathing Fire”-like the club of being there.  
Tell me now,  what is better than another former
Detroit following another, no one better that  BETTY
CARTER. If you listen to Marx’s  “Desperate Measures,”
you hear similar phrasing in “Open The Door,” from
BETTY CARTER’S FINEST HOUR. Frankly I miss Carter. She
was a singer. Lyrically, dancing, strutting like a
sexy showgirl.  You hear it in the “Trolley Song.”
There’s something special about Detroiters .  A
“Hastings Street Bounce”  binds us.   Saw Carter at
the ‘92' festival at Monterey.  It was the last time,
I saw old dear friend  KJAZ,  Jack Springer,  another
Detroiter,  a reason why we old hard boppers get teary
eyed, realizing now it was a swan song, a good old
fashioned  jazz  wake.  Kenny Burrell was there too,
celebrating the music with Jimmy Smith.      MULGREW 
MILLER is next with a great Woody Shaw tune “ The
Organ Grinder.”   LIVE AT YOSHI’S,  VOLUME 1.  
Mulgrew’s muscular sound is evident here. A fine
player, good arranger for that distinctive bop feel,  
reminds me of the classic Oscar Peterson trio , Live
in Chicago sessions, 1961.  Mulgrew  has some of those
Peterson sonic flairs up and down the keyboard.   
JOE GILMAN begins the next segment with a sterling
version of “Weep No More” from TIME AGAIN: BRUBECK
REVISITED on Sunnyside Records.   If you’re not aware
of Joe Gilman, this tune is a good way to start. Watch
out for this young and talented rhythm section. Both
move ot NYC, bass player Joe Sanders to the Manhattan
School Of Music and drummer Justin Brown to Julliard. 
You’ll notice that Gilman has that ‘Peterson flair
goin on’ here.  MICHELLE SAMUALS is next with a Peter
Allen song, “I Could Marry The Rain.”
Allen was a sensational song writer entertainer, a
rage in New York and later other paerts of the country
aware of his talent due to some TV exposure.   This
song can mellow dramatic for some singers. One has to
have a ‘way of bringing it off.’ Michelle Samuels has
the right way!
In fact, her rendition of this song is a highlight of
We also played Oscar Brown’s ‘Hum Drum Blues.”  The
arrangement here has a sixties poetic bongo session
feel to it.  Michelle Samuels is not just another
pretty face.  I get up for this next on a duet with
MICHEL PETRUCCIANI with  Hammond B-3 player, Eddy
Louiss on a new CD,
SO WHAT   BEST OF...on Dreyfus Records.  This is a
live recording and shows typical Petrucciani fireworks
with a out-of-sight Eddy Louiss.   JOE LOVANO
concludes this segment from the new I’M ALL FOR YOU CD
on Blue Note with “The Summary(from suite for Pops)
with venerable Hank Jones on piano, George Mraz, bass
and Paul Motian, drums.  This is a marvelous ballad
VON FREEMAN begins the second hour with opening
remarks to give you a feel for his’ laid back ness.’ 
Then, he’s ‘ nails’ on a version of “Be My Love,” with
a serendipitous dippity doo, catchy, flairy and fine.
How can you not enjoy  this man for his prowess, humor
and understanding, for Von Freeman knows about life
through his saxophone , than most of us  would ever
chance to dream.  There’s Richard Wyands,  who’d
prefer to do his talking through his playing with hard
bop heroes Jimmy Cobb and steady John Webber on
Premonition Records,   THE GREAT DIVIDE.    JEFF HALL
sing a groove with a scatty, chancy version of “In
Walked Bud.” Hall’s Mentholyptus, ‘ rappy’ up tempo
version may include some of his own free- version
lyrics.   I like that.  It’s called ‘getting crazy’
with a song: write it down, open it up, let it go.    
Then David Frishberg’s “I Can’t Take You Nowhere,” for
Jeff Hall seals the deal from the new LET’S FACE THE
GREG  OSBY brings this segment to a glorious
conclusion with a Dizzy Gillespie hard bop classic,
“Shaw Nuff.” live at the Jazz Standard from a new CD
Payton, Megumi Yonezawa, Robert Hurst and Rodney Green
on drums.  
KARRIN ALLYSON  begins the last segment with two Joni
Mitchell songs from her new CD,   WILD FOR YOU on
Concord Jazz.   We played “All I Want” and “Help Me.”
I recall Joni Mitchell in Detroit singing with her
husband Chuck in 1964. These  songs were not a part of
their repertory. This  music was written after ward, 
full of passion, emancipation, lust and love. Joni’s
journey isn’t an easy one,  as if any one’s is, and
this is what Karrin Allyson  fully  understands down
to her feminine seat of her soul.  A pure eighties
line here is: “We love our love, not like we love our
freedom.”  The  enduring scent of  freedom : from the
U.S.  Constitution, to Voltaire’ to Homer and The
Odyssey, this is what we all celebrate. And that’s why
 we love this music.
JOHN LA BARBERA  BIG BAND catches us  with a Latin
infused  original “ CACHACA GOTCHA,” with a roaring 
alto saxophone solo by Kim Richmond. 
JAZZ  ON  THE LATIN SIDE ALL STARS are next with a Lee
Morgan tune from  THE  LAST BULLFIGHTER CD with
“Caramba.” This is  definitive Latin music, going back
to early hard bop Dizzy Gillespie renderings
accompanied by today’s great Latin musicians.  
Finally, BOBBY WATSON & HORIZON,   the granular of the
jazz vernacular with HORIZON  REASSEMBLED . We played
the title tune  from this  stellar groove collection,
“Horizon Reassembled.” Almost a full orchestra, like
the one  before. This a mambo,  a sashe,’ a real 
‘caracha in your  gotcha!’  A message here,  Bobby
Watson is like “Sex In The City,” lots of foreplay
with no nudity. Thank the good lord for the church of
the burning Bushes, for without them,  we’d never
would’ve tried to legislate and  institutionalize 
mayhem, we all love and praise. That’s why  we say
goodbye with  no sense of purpose, no frontal nudity,
no nonsensical church of every other  day.   So long
for now.

Dick Crockett
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