[JPL] female Messengers

Arturo Gomez arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Jul 23 12:52:56 EDT 2004

Larry wrote>>>Joanne is one of the great ones, but does anyone know anything about Laverne Baker (not the R&B singer), who played bass on Blakey's first recording as a 
leader of the Jazz Messengers (from 1947 re-issued under the title "New 
Sounds")? <<<<<<<<

I am not an expert on the Messengers history, but I do know that Art had 2 groups he called Jazz Messengers in the late 40's but they are considered precursors to the actual Jazz Messengers we know today, formed in the early to mid 50's and of which Horace Silver was the first pianist that recorded with them on those 2 legendary Blue Note records before Bu took over the band and turned it into the "university of Art Blakey"

Based on that, I agree with JoAnne Brackeen's statement that she was the first and only female Jazz Messenger, not the 1st and only Blakey sidewoman..

Arturo Gómez

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