[JPL] The Jazz Trip--Week Ending July 18, 2004

James Cervantes jacinto at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Mon Jul 26 10:32:29 EDT 2004

The Jazz Trip--Week Ending July 18, 2004
Host: James Cervantes
KWVA Eugene OR
Streaming at: kwvaradio.org/

Artist----- Track------ Album----- Label
Ry Cooder/Manuel Galban---Monte Adentro---Mambo Sinuendo---Nonsuch/Perro
Mongezi Feza---Group Notes II---Free Jam---Ayler
Rashied Ali/Arthur Rhames---Giant Step/Lazy Bird/Monments Notice---Remember
Trane and Bird---Ayler
Brad Dutz/John Holmes---Peanut Jelly---My bongo--- pfMENTUM
Liebig, Vatcher, Golia---Prelude---On the Cusp of Fire and Water---Red
Prime Numbers---Gruven (17)---Live at Jazz de Opus---Origin
John Heward Trio---Let Them Pass Three---Let Them Pazz
El-P---Please Leave (yesterday)---High Water---Thirsty Ear
William Gagliardi Quintet---They Is You---Hear and Now---CIMP
Sticks and Stones--- Skippy---Shed Grace---Thrill Jockey
Beth Custer---High Sense of Adventure--- Respect as a Religion--- BC
Kidd Jordan/Joel Futterman/Alvin Fielder Trio---Track 4---Live at the
Tampere Jazz Happening 2000 Finland---Charles Lester Music
Cow Bop---Exactly like You---Swingin' Out West---Bluejazz
Fred Anderson/Hamid Drake---A Ray From (THE ONE)---Together Again---Thrill
The Exciting Trio---At a Place---In Chicago There is Willy---482 Music
Mount Washington--- Track 2--- Mount Washington--- Reify Recordings
Alexandra Caselli---Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo---Out the Aquarium---MoonJumpers
Von Freeman---Hard Hittin'---The Great Divide---Premonition
Peter Brotzmann---Fat Man Walks---More Nipples--- Atavistic
Jeff Marx---Through a Glass Lightly---Treading Air Breathing Fire---Soluna
John Scofield Trio Live---Name Chat---Fire---Verve
Down To the Bone--- The Flow---Cellar Funk---Narada Jazz
Quincy Jones/Bill Cosby---Groovy Gravy---The Original Jam Sessions
Quincy Jones/Bill Cosby---Hikky-Burr---The New Mix---Concord
Bill Tapia---Hawaiian Medley--- Tropical Swing---MoonRoom Records

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