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I agree. Kevin Kline does a great job with the role, really tapping into the
private agonies behind the public persona, etc.
But the concept -- an elderly Cole Porter, hanging out with angel Gabriel,
looking back on Porter's life -- is a little creaky, and often gets in the
way of the storytelling. Ashley Judd isn't really up to the role of Linda
Porter -- also, in reality, Linda Porter was several years (seven?) older
than Cole Porter, not younger. Nice hearing all the great Cole Porter tunes,
although several of the guest artists, including Sheryl Crow ("Begin the
Beguine") and Elvis "Mr. Diana Krall" Costello ("Let's Misbehave"), turn in
performances that aren't really in keeping with the spirit of the music
(this is no knock on Crow or Costello, by the way).
Also on the list of musical cameos: Alanis Morissette ("Let's Do It, Let's
Fall in Love"), Robbie Williams ("It's De-Lovely") and Vivian Green ("Love
For Sale"). As movie musicals go, it's neither as energetic nor as inventive
as "Chicago" or "Moulin Rouge."
Philip Booth
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I had the good fortune to see the Cole Porter bio-pic, D-Lovely over the
weekend. Excellent portrayal by Kevin Kline and a fine make-up job as he
aged perfectly throughout the film. Very realistic and accurate look. Cameos
by Dianna Krall and Natalie Cole. Mr. Porter led a fascinating lifestyle and
his homosexuality is not downplayed. Several scenes show dark-skinned Black
females on stage in the 30's, which is inaccurate. They also showed
integrated dancers on stage, another faux pas but those are minor details
and do not take away from the enjoyment of the film.

Since the movie has no special effects, no violence, no graphic sex, chases
or shoot 'em ups, it won't last long at the box office, so go see it while
you can, you'll be humming throughout the movie and into the night. Provides
great topical comments for air shifts as well.

Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and all the Tin Pan Alley composers owe the
popularity and longevity of their pop songs to jazz, those songs would have
been long-forgotten if not reworked by jazz musicians and become standards.

Arturo Gómez
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