[JPL] Re: Jan Leder and 'Covers.'

Nick Morrison morrisca at plu.edu
Wed Jul 28 15:32:03 EDT 2004

I haven't seen the Cole Porter movie yet, so I can't weigh in on that
topic, but I certainly agree with Jan Leder's comments about the power of a
good song.  And I also notice that in that posting Jan used the word
'cover' was in quotes....as if Jan was using the term advisedly, or
stretching the definition of the word a bit.  I agree there, as well.  I
think that using the term 'cover version' or 'cover' to indicate that
someone is doing a song written (or previously recorded) by someone else is
a bit incorrect.  Cool sounding, yes, but incorrect.  In my understanding,
to cover a song is to record and release another version of a song also in
recent release, in hopes of 'covering' some of it's popularity and grabbing
some of the money than might otherwise go to the original artist....or
slightly re-tooling the song to appeal to a different segment of the
population, thereby raking in some dough.  The example that comes most
readily to mind is Pat Boone quickly coming out with a watered-down version
of Little Richard's original recording of Tutti Frutti and making a good
deal of hay off it.  Somehow that seems different to me than, let's say,
Joey Calderazzo 'covering' Cole Porter's 'Just One Of Those Things' on his
new CD.  Granted, usage of the word 'cover' is no big deal and certainly
doesn't warrent debate.  It's just the way I feel, dang it! 

(And, by the by, if you haven't heard Calderazzo's cover of Porter's song
yet, check it out.  It's fun.)

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