[JPL] D-Lovely, a D'must see

Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Thu Jul 29 17:32:44 EDT 2004

De-Lovely was good if you like Porter tunes.
Since I love them, I made sure to sit alone
in the theater so I could sing along.
Depending on the volume of your singing
you may want to wait for rental. 

But I just love the irony of it all.

Cole Porter was a perfectionist who wanted
every note and every word done EXACTLY as
he had written it.  They allude to that
briefly in the film when Porter corrects
a singer.  Isn't it ironic that his most
beautiful tunes live on by being reharmonized
and rephrased by jazz artists over the years.
Just a reminder not to take yourself or your
work too seriously, because no matter who 
you are, someone will want to alter it...
just a bit.

Blaise Lantana
Music Director,
KJZZ 91.5 Phoenix

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