[JPL] about Rope a Dope....

Arturo Gomez arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Jul 30 12:51:55 EDT 2004

Here at KUVO we have rec'd the Rope-A-Dope CDs by Charlie Hunter and the
Dirty Dozen Brass Band this week. I contacted the label's promo dept becaue
Chrlie Hunter is coming to Denver and the venue will be under writing his
performance. Dirty Dozen is very popular on the Front Range as well so I did
what I had to do to obtain the CDs.

One has to be agressive in procuring music as many important releases are
not serviced to us. One has to go out and capture the game instead of
waiting for it to come to you....

Arturo Gómez
Jazz 89, KUVO

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