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Bopndicks 20 Picks   April 2005

Kurt Rosenwinkel      DEEP SONG    Verve Records
“Rosenwinkel displays a rich tonal quality and special
a space  gypsy electric Gabor Szabo and with his
voicings  and 
that of Mehldau and Redman moving swiftly through
mood and forethought.   That which is new is real.”

Abdullah Ibrahim         A CELEBRATION       Enja
/Justin Time Records
“A celebration of a life of a very remarkable musician
in his 70th year.
Some know of him as an American  Dollar Brand, a Sam
Fuller caricature, 
others by his real name for this celebrates a lifetime
of work
from Cape Town, to Europe and elsewhere.
An affinity of work and Africa solo street knowledge.

Pat Metheny       THIS WAY UP        Nonesuch Records
“This is Pat Metheny,  meant to be listened in it’s
There’s such a contemporary progressive coteré  here
as Metheney /Mays travel through animated phase
of time, space and hazy reflective continuum.”

“This’ll elevate Thad Jones to true stature -
soul of hard bop.
You’ll  know when listening 
this celebrated Octet of great musicians.
Believe me, you’ll experience,
a jazz music 1956 Playboy Jazz poll
of DJ  Rockwellian  history!”

KEVIN MAHOGANY BIG BAND     Mahogany Jazz/WEA Records
“We’re full blown rhetoric on this big band, 
Not since Newport with Joe Williams and Basie
have you heard anything as bright, unfurling and 
pregnant as a birthing as this full mouth Kevin
swings and sings to Frank Mantooth’s pleasure dome
on an  upstart, brightly colored big band spotlight,
So Long, Mrs. Calabash,   wherever you are!”

Chris Walden Big Band     HOME OF MY HEART    Origin
“Walden’s big band is a sanctuary
from modern fabric of endless  sound check,
 loud speaker, or eleven inch nails,  duel 10 K
will supplant the power,
skipping through a California landscape
of a superb big banditry
There are  friends long since gone 
whose bones  swirl to this Chris Walden big band. 
So much of Basie, Slide Hampton, 
Maynard Ferguson, Ernie Wilkins
to make the tears swell.”

The Joe Gilman Trio      Time Again:  BRUBECK 
VOLUME   TWO     Sunnyside Records
“Pianist, Joe Gilman has assembled  memorable music of
Dave Brubeck, 
with two young talents;  bassist Joe Sanders and
drummer, Justin Brown.  
This marvelous Volume Two along with One has  some
Brubeck  you’ve heard 
and some you haven’t.   Tales told with similar 
Brubeck sophistication and joy, 
and with the Gilman augmentation, this band kicks 
and swings to a whole new state of Brubeck art.” 

Ravi Coltrane        IN FLUX         Savoy Jazz
“This young Coltrane offers effortless dynamic 
His tone on tenor is lowdown and  smokey on “Away
and exceptional like his forebear.
Ravi  on soprano is technically sound and
spasmodically lyrical. 
‘Dear Alice” is free and spirited, a tribute to mother
high creativity.
A  breakthrough for Ravi, Drew, Luis and EJ!”

Marin Wasilewski/ Slawomir Kurkiewicz/ Michal
TRIO        ECM
“Contemporary, circuitous  and Salvadore Dali,  rich
in color and  abstraction.    Tomasz Stanko’s band
steps into the spotlight, a slow romantic mantra of a
basic theme.  There’s so much going on here, it’s like
gazing at a Vermeer in the Guginhiem on Sunday  til
closing.  How’d they do that?  This beauty is  beyond
reproach with a mix of ethnicities...We could list the
bright spots,  but that would deter from  the whole

Irwin Mayfield and Bill Summers       VOL 5:  
CARNIVAL      Basin Street Records 
“This is roots music, an  honesty here and a
celebration of Latin Creole jazz
Irvin Mayfield sends you  as far back as Armstrong and
s  fast forward to Marsalis , as other trumpet
Crescent City heroes. Brass in New Orleans is serious
business, celebrate the day, the holiday, the funeral 
voodoo and where with all.   CARNIVAL has a true black
flavor to a Latin chant. Ray Bryant understood when he
wrote “Cubano Chant.”  Bill Summers resides over
fertile Latin  rhythm territory. Don’ t misunderstand,
the drummer calls the tunes on this CD. We’s just
trying to catch up.  Have some fun!  That’s what this
is all about !” 

Caribbean  Jazz Project        HERE AND NOW-LIVE IN
CONCERT     Concord Picante Records
“Caribbean Jazz Project reprise much of their great
music over the past five years in this exercise in
“live fire.”   Pianist Dario Eskenazi and Diego Urcola
trumpet,  well schooled in the Latin jazz mystique 
add ‘street cred’ to this already explosive ensemble. 
 With  all the spontaneity and fire of this
performance in Pittsburgh and subsequent  encores,
you’d be taking the bridge home over the Susquehana -
late,  same time last year,  too.”  

Thomas Marriott        INDIVIDUATION               
Origin Records
“There’s  so much cool stuff on this  CD, that’ll
drive you bananza!
Mariott is one heck of a trumpet/ flugelhorn player in
command of his horn,
through deep breathing, good karma, long solos, no
funny business exercises. 
Vibe player Joe Locke has a hand in this marvelous 
With Jeff Johnson, David Budway and John Bishop.
Everyone, but everyone had a good time. The ‘nodder”
struck me was Miles Davis, “Tout De Suite.”
I had to take a cab home!”

“Joey DeFrancesco  with Jimmy Smith       LEGACY     
Concord Jazz
“There’s  pure Legacy here with the coaxing of one
B-3, Joey De to  
the venerable Jimmy Smith.   Saying goodby, to another
jazz great is not a test, 
but a lot of joy here with happy messin around out
almost as good as the music, 
definitely for Jimmy Smith afficionados everywhere.”  

Stefano Di  Battista         PARKER’S MOOD         
Blue Note Records  
“When you listen to Di Battista’s new one, you know
why Italians love
bebop and Charlie Parker! There’s  a great
retrospective of  Parker and modern jazz. 
with Kenny Barron as anchor and his guidance is
omnipresent,  along with flawless trumpet
playing by Flavio, almost as Dizzy as Dizzy.  
Bebop,  up front, with saxophonist Stefano Di
Battista, trumpet by Flavio
with reverence and enthusiasm , shakes off your - like
new spring pollen distemper, 
for sure!” 

Fred Hersch Ensemble              LEAVES OF GRASS     
            Palmetto Records
“Fred Hersch musical tribute to the poetry of Walt
Whitman is a remarkable achievement, blending 19th
century spoken word lyricism with modern jazz.  The
impact of this is extraordinary.
Think of the concept!  Only a composer of Fred
Hersch’s stature  could bring it to fruition. It ‘s
cross generational!”

Carolyn  Leonhart                 NEW 8TH DAY        
Sunnyside Records
“This has all the elements of a great CD, original
songs, great arranging, and very fine musicianship.
The dynamic elements of Carolyn Leonhart’s intimate
phrasing, Wayne Escoffery’s haunting - soaring
saxophone and Donald Edwards power kick on drums, 
make for  a classic “Whisper Not,” for there’s a
groove and fun to be had....”

Michel Camilo           SOLO             Telarc Jazz
“This is  Michel Camilo’s coming out party,
establishing him
as one of this life’s great modern pianists. His
immaculate sense of time
and command in various genres. He can boogie woogie in
a Blind Pig after dark,  
stride like a James P. Johnson on Park Ave. Listen to
De Larrocha, then to Michel Camilo’s SOLO” and you’ll
feel  his tradition.”

Grazyna Auguscik          THE LIGHT          GMA  
“Her music  journey is intriguing, not very ‘sho
bizzy,’ (no lip syncing, bump and grind here.) 
Very progressive, freeing the passion, romantic,   a
life journey in progress. 
Message to Grazyna:
 “Never change.  Never compromise.  
Stay your course. Travel the world and listen to the
motion of your life. 
Bless you. 
You know your story and you have claim to the
expanding rest of us!”

Dave Holland Big Band          OVERTIME       
Sunnyside Records
“Today’s  most original modern big band, leaving room
for strong solos 
from  the very best in jazz musicians. Writing and
arranging reminds me 
of Gerald Wilson, George Russell,  Mingus and others
on their  own road
before their own time.” 

Belinda Underwood      UNDERWOOD - UNCURLING      
Cosmik Muse Rekords
“Underwood is the Northwest’s Nellie McKay,  because
we have trees for buildings,
fresh water streams with jumping salmon, excited and
spawning... to  rivers of depressed under nourished
trout and flat fish and solar panels for an answer to
Three Mile Island.  Pianist Clay Giberson is his per
usual spectacular self on this UNDERWOOD  - UNCURLING
, as it more than deserves your accreditation.”  

PS: To good to ignore.

Connie Evingson           GYPSY IN MY SOUL       
Minnehana Music
“Whether it’s too provencial, not mainstream, too
iconoclast for mass consumption, or not. I prefer the
latter.  Then it’s so gypsy... Evingson has a great
What can you say, ‘She has that  bling - bling   for
hot club music.”
Lullabye Of The Leaves” grabbed me, especially the
vibraphone  solo by Susan Pascal of “Pearl Django.”  
“ A dime a dance, whoah - zee!”

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