[JPL] Fwd: [MLA-L] Unknown Monk-Coltrane tapes discovered

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Thu Apr 7 10:21:59 EDT 2005

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2005 8:54 AM
From: Matt Snyder <msnyder at NYPL.ORG>

Larry Appelbaum at Library of Congress made this announcement the other
day on another list I'm on, but people here may be interested as well:

I've been holding off announcing this until LC was ready, but I recently
discovered some unpublished, previously unknown tapes at the Library of
Congress of the Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie
Hall on Nov. 29, 1957. The tapes were recorded by the Voice of America
during a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall. The evening consisted of an
early and late show and the Monk Quartet tapes total approx 55 mins. The
quartet includes Ahmed Abdul Malik, bass; and Shadow Wilson, drums. Other
artists on this concert include the Sonny Rollins Trio w/Wendell Marshall
and Kenny Dennis, The Zoot Sims Quartet w/Chet Baker, the Dizzy Gillespie
Orchestra, and Ray Charles (w/Ed Blackwell, drums!). Billie Holiday was
reportedly also on this concert, but she does not appear to have been

For those interested in such things, we have preserved these tapes by
making high resolution digital files with appropriate metadata.
Anticipating your questions, LC can not make any copies unless proper
copyright clearances have been secured. I have informed both T.S. Monk and
Ravi Coltrane about these tapes.

This reminds us, there's always more.
[End Quote]

Matt Snyder
Music Archivist
Wilson Processing Project
The New York Public Library

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