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Still Another Jazz Show      April 4

Eldar Djangirov      ELDAR       “Moanin”
“Lady Wicks”     “Watermelon Island”
Sony Classical               

Carolyn Leonhart    “Whisper Not”    NEW 8th DAY
Sunnyside Records

Abdullah Ibrahim     “Ntsikana’s Hammer”   “Ishmael”
A CELEBRATION         Enja/Justin Time Records

Nina Simone       “Vous étes Seuls, Mais je Désire
étre Avec Vous”
“Il Y A Un Baume A Gilhead.”   “Along Again Naturally”
FODDER ON MY WINGS     Sunnyside Records

Jason Moran    “Gangsterism On The Rise” “Jump Up”  
SAME MOTHER    Blue Note

Zach Brock And The Coffee Achievers     “1 a.m. Gate”

Joe Gilman Trio   “G - Flat Theme”     TIME AGAIN:  
BRUBECK Revisited
Volume 2    Sunnyside Records

Connie Evingson        “Lullaby Of The Leaves”      
Minnehana Records    

Ron Brendle Trio       “Ramblin”     PHOTOGRAPH    
LoNote Records

Marc Pompe & The  Joey DeFrancesco Trio    “You Must
Believe In Swing”
YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SWING      Cadence Jazz Records

Chris Walden Big Band    “Star Wars”   HOME OF MY
HEART   Origin Records

Gary Burton    “Prelude For Vibes”      NEW GENERATION
   Concord Jazz

The 18 year old phenom   ELDAR from Kyrgyzstan of the
former Soviet Union, 2005 and  21 year old phenom,
1956  Bobby Timmons from Philadelphia?  What’s the
difference?   One is technically ‘mobbed up’ in the
classics. The other is deep in the funk, the joy of
hard bop.
So, what’s the...  what’s the ? Surprising,  they’re
mixing the same stash, so to speak. 
I know it’s a stretch, but Eldar  from Kyrgystan and
Timmons from Philadelphia  have a soul jazz
As a point of reference is THE BOBBY TIMMONS 
TRIO...Live at the Village Vanguard - 1961
ELDAR, whose a brilliant tactician is able to reach 
for the ‘coin’ on ELDAR as a  Timmons would digress.  
 ELDAR’S interpretation of the Bobby Timmons classic,
“Moanin.” Eldar understands the language, the best
version I’ve heard so far. (April 6, 2005.)  There’s
humor, context and reverence for Timmons.    ELDAR 
has all the moves, the clichés and the gander. Kudos
to the young man.  His dynamic language is exemplary,
a very definitive ‘Moanin.’  How can it be, since
Eldar’s  not from the  Bobby Timmons church. Eldar
understands... We played two other selections from
this young  artist from the debut  CD, ELDAR, two
originals, a beautiful,  “Lady Wicks” and a catchy
Freddie Hubbard  - like “Watermelon Island.” PS The
Michael Brecker collaboration on this CD is excellent!
Vocalist,  CAROLYN LEONHART is next with a classic
Benny Golson/ Leonard Feather  “Whisper Not”   from
her NEW 8TH DAY CD on Sunnyside Records. Husband and
saxophonist, Wayne Escoffery is a major contributor on
arranging  this very definitive  project, with a very
jazz improvisational feel.
ABDULLAH IBRAHIM  begins the next segment  with two
selections from the new,  A CELEBRATION, a 
compilation of seventy years musical birthing. 
Originally, from Capetown, South Africa, a.k.a., 
Dollar Brand in the seventies, this is  a remarkable
testimonial to Ibrahim’s  illustrious career on three
Continents. We played two selections , “Ntsikana’s
Bell, ”a 1973 duo with bassist Johnny Dyani and
“Ishmael” with Ibrahim doubling on soprano saxophone
and Cecil McBee on bass and Roy Brooks on drums. Note:
 Ibrahim’s soprano portrays an exuberance similar to
Charles Lloyd. 
I confess that I only recall  NINA SIMONE from her
most popular albums in the sixties.  This re-issue of
the classic FODDER ON MY WINGS from Sunnyside Records 
is worth more serious introspection of  her
considerable talent  as a musician, song writer and
vocalist. Simone could literally enthrall and hold the
audience at bay with her charisma.  This CD also
displays her multi lingual talent in blending Parisian
expression in her jazz thematic. Patricia Barber is
close to that today-an ability to shape the music to
her iconoclast. Invariably, these musicians never
achieve  high media ‘pop’ praise. That’s what makes
them so compelling... unless you’ve  had the rare
opportunity to bare witness, then it’s an experience
you’d never forget. Think of seeing Bill Holiday, or
Bessie Smith in person and hearing  whimsical
murmurings from past lives, the scent and ardor of the
gin mill experience.   We played two French songs, the
first, African chant, “Vous Etes Seuls, Mais Je Desire
Etre Avec Vous,” A ballad, “ IL Y A Un Beame A
Gilhead,” and the third, “Alone Again Naturally” by
Gilbert O’Sullivan, concluding this hour with a very
subtle Gilbert and Sullivan signature in a very
personal rendition of this popular song. 
JASON MORAN begins the second hour from  his newest
CD, SAME MOTHER.  Moran offers you a complete history
of the  jazz piano in one sitting.  We played
“Gangsterism On The Rise,” a hip-hop to the balcony
and “Jump Up,” a  raging  boogie-  woogie stomp at the
after hours club. Electro-violinist  ZACH  BROCK
mellows out next with “ 1 A.M.  Gate” with keyboard
player Sam Barsh on Fender.  It’ s so very cool.   No
kidding,  the music on CHEMISTRY is varietal and cool!
JOE GILMAN TRIO is next with the new release on
 To those unfamiliar with Mr. Gilman. He’s a fine jazz
pianist, and professor of music at American River
College, here in  Sacramento. This CD is Volume Two of
a project  on the music of Dave Brubeck. Other
musicians have performed Brubeck’s music, but never to
the extent of this Volume One and Two collection, for
Gilman has re - arranged and uncovered many other
Brubeck selections.  We played “G Flat Theme” as
Gilman’s approach is original and reverential to Mr
Brubeck’ s conception.  The trio includes two very
young and talented newcomers, Justin Brown on drums
and Joe sanders, bass, worth noting for future
CONNIE EVINGSON concludes this segment from her latest
GYPSY IN MY SOUL collection.
We played “ LULLABY OF THE LEAVES” with ‘hot club’
(not be confused with hot tub) band,
“Pearl Django” from Seattle.   Evingson  has a lovely,
distinctive  presence in her voice, along with Susan
Pascal’s vibraphone solo give it a sophisticated
‘1920's’ refrain.
RON BRENDLE TRIO begins the last segment of SAJS. with
the classic Ornette Coleman tune, “Ramblin” from the
new PHOTOGRAPH CD.  Reminds me of Jack Wilson’s
version of the song forty years ago. Frank Kimbrough
plays piano on this CD.  All the selections are first
takes, making it special in that regard. Au Naturel!  
with new CD,  YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SWING.  We played
the Buddy DeFranco tune. Pompe pays tribute to the
lounge lizards in leather jackets from Jersey,
Manhattan and Philly, Chicago, St Louis to Las Vegas
and all stops in between. 
“Excuse me while I get my peach polyester leisure suit
out of moth balls. Better yet, since Joey Dee is on
stage , I’ll go with that short black leather jacket,
black slack and black shoes and a white turtle neck .
Cool it on the pinky ring and the Musk!  Hope that
Meg, the fifty five year old retired hair stylist is
at the club tonight. Always looks nice in those
Stilettos, full skirt, and tank top. She complains
about living her life on a Stair master. She got legs
and sure can dance...”
CHRIS WALDEN BIG BAND follows in a swinging explosive
manner with a new CD on Origin Records, HOME OF MY
HEART. NOTE: If I’m a jazz vocalist with recording
contract, I’d want this young talented German to do
the arranging and conducting.  Walden is a
reincarnation of Claus Ogerman.    We played “Star
Wars” theme with Walden’s powerhouse arrangement,
leaving ample time for a axle-grinding ‘smoking’ Peter
Cristlieb solo with other pre - arranged horns on this
tune will blow all  our collective hats off.  In lieu
of the upcoming final STAR WARS film release in May,
this very hip version WILL NOT be a part of the
soundtrack!  MOST UNFORTUNATE,  as number one son of
Charlie Chan would say!
Concord.   As Burton started his career as a young
man, he encourages, supports talent with his newest
group. We played “Prelude For Vibes.” So we conclude
as we begin this edition of SAJS  with a salute to the
new young talent in jazz, Eldar, Julian Lage, Vadim
Neselovsky, Luques Curtis, James Williams, Justin
Brown and Joe Sanders.
One more before  going... 
Julian Lage: Since you now have your California 
driver licence, it’s your turn to drive the tour bus! 

Dick Crockett
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