[JPL] Playlist #54 J&B tour for April 12 2005 with Alphen Stad FM, the Netherlands

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Sun Apr 10 15:23:30 EDT 2005

Hai All
Had a great suprise with lots of new Blues-music which arrived last week and
so happy to present this next to again great jazz-performances.
Do hope you like it too and ofcourse again did my utmost to compose a nice
variety in the playlist.....
Jazz & Blues Tour
C/O Joost van Steen
PO  BOX  471
2400 AL  Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands
Playlist April 12  # 54 !!

 1st Hour  21:00 - 22:00 hrs
Nr.    Artist    ---     Title   ====    From The Album;
1 New Cool Collective    ---    Big Mondays     ====     MORE !

2  Count Basie    ---    Dickies Dream     ====     Legendary Hits
3  Jim Suhler & Alan Haynes     ---    Say Your Prayers     ====      Live
at Blue Cats Blues

4 Bob Marbach    ---      Pent Up House     ====     Out at Night
5 Big Mama Thorntons's Band, The Hound Dogs   ---    Juke (orig from Little
Walter...)    ====    Blues Revue of the 20th Century

6 Billie Holiday     ---    The Mood That I am In     ===      Great Lady
7 Brownie Mcghee & Sonny Terry    ---     Blues from the Lowlands     ====
Blowin' The Fuses

8 Michael Bublé    ---    A Foggy Day (in London Town)      ====      It's
9 Bob Kirkpatrick      ---      Been Around Too Long       =====      Drive
Across Texas

10 Warren Greig Trio      ---      Sonnymoon for Two      ====      Warren
Greig Trio
11 Johnny Nicholas      ---     Reap What You Sow      ====      Rockin' My
Blues To Sleep

12  Debbie Fleming      ---      No More Bebop       ====      Steppin' Out
13 Howard Glazer and The EL34s      ---     The Dogs They Bark At Midnight
====    Brown Paper Bag

Lean back and enjoy the 2nd hour,  so just let it slide....
 2nd hour  22:00 - 23:00 hrs
Nr.     Artist      ---       Title     =====      From The Album;
1 Branford Marsalis     ---     Mo' Better Blues (Tune)      ====
Beneath The Underdog

2 Josh Alan Band      ---    Rollin' and Tumblin'      ====      Josh Alan
3 Kasper Villaume Quartet     ---     Bubbles     ====      # 2

4 Robin Sylar     ---     Pipeline      ====     Tricked Out
5 Carl Burnett      ---      Funk in D       ====     Life Before Midi

6 Harry Watters      ---     Just Squeeze Me      ====     Out of A Dream
7  Natasha Miller      ---     I Had A Feelin'      ====     I Had A Feelin'

 The "M"( iles ) - Moment
8 Miles Davis     ---     Nuit Sur Les Champs Elysées      ====
Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud
9  Clear Voyage       ---    The Storm       ====      The Sessions

10 Jay Thomas, Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins    ---    Detour Ahead    ====
Jay Thomas, Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins
11 Becca Duran      ---     So it Goes Again      =====       In Love Again

END Jean Toots Thielemans      ---      Hard to Say Goodbye    ====     Hard
to Say Goodbye
Well that's it for this week, do hope you like the line-up and ofocurse your
comments, tips, tricks, remarks always appreciated.
Ofcourse you can also find some more info on the site supporting the program
on www.jazzbluestour.nl where you can also find the link to listen in for
the program on the live-stream.
Kindest regards and do take care this coming week of yourself.....
Joost van Steen, Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with Alphen Stad FM in
Alphen aan den Rijn, in the Green Heart of Holland, the Netherlands

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