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Sun Apr 10 10:38:52 EDT 2005

Good morning friends,

I've owed Ed & Tad a public thanks for the article about WEMU and me in 
JazzWeek for a while, but I was preoccupied in preparing for our spring 
fund drive.  Gentlemen:  Thank You!

This past week was a BIG one for WEMU.  We reached our financial goal 
for our spring on-air fundraiser in record time.  We did it in seven 
days!  Sometimes it has taken us as many as 11 days to do it.  We have 
many reasons for this success, which I'd love to talk about at the 
JazzWeek Summit.

Some of the reasons for the success might be luck, but we all know the 
real reason is programming.  More than ever, we have been thinking 
about what we play and what we say. Great content is clouded by poor 
form, so we are working on our form to complement our content.

I hope to provide some hefty content in the next three weeks for "Jazz
Appreciation Month".  I'll interview Penny M. VonEschen, author of 
"Satchmo Blows Up The World", a fascinating study of jazz and the State
Department Tours of the 1950s through early 1970s.  I'm working on a 
produced feature about a new jazz book for kids and lining up interviews
with folks who lived in Ann Arbor and Detroit in the 1940s, '50s 
and '60s.  I'll give my final talk in 2005 about jazz at the Ypsilanti 
District Library focusing on younger musicians.

Those are my plans.  I have to share two wonderful recent interview 
experiences of the past two weeks.  Although I generally do not care to 
do telephone interviews for audio quality reasons, I made an exception
for a ten minute telephone call with John Edward Hasse,Curator Of 
American Music at the Smithsonian Institution.  We talked about Jazz 
Appreciation Month.  His assessment of what we can learn from
listening to jazz was eloquent and honest.  I aired this conversation 
on March 31st, but may re-play it again later in the month.  It bears 
repeated listening.  

I also had the good fortune to meet Martin Cohen, founder of Latin
Percussion and share some microphone time with him.  He's a great guy!
What stories to tell.  I could just switch on the mini-disc recorder 
and let it roll.  I'd probably fill two or three discs at slow speed
with him!  He visited the University Of Michigan for a talk and photo
exhibit.  Roland Vazquez, who now teaches at UM, e-mailed me and asked
me if I could turn an interview around in one day.  I said, "can do".
So, Martin and his 9 year old son, Matthew visited our studios.  While
Martin entertained me and WEMU listeners with one great story after
another, his son Matthew scurried about taking photos.  Here is a 
link to Martin's website for photos: 

While you're at the site, you have to go to Martin's homepage and spend
some time with the text along with more photos.  Fascinating stuff.  
I'll visit this site along with smithsonianjazz.org for Jazz 
Appreciation Month features since Tito Puente is the musician in this
year's Jazz Appreciation Month poster.

I look forward to face-to-face facts and fun with the jazz radio family
in June at the JazzWeek Summit.



Linda Yohn
WEMU Music Director
lyohn at emich.edu

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