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I'm guessing you went to http://www.blackjazz.com/aboutus.html. They have a 
cease and desist warning on their site because Soul Jazz is allegedly 
bootlegging Black Jazz product. Of course, this is according to James 
Hardge, cited on the website as president of Black Jazz. Without knowing or 
commenting on the legal case involving the companies, Soul Jazz has issued a 
sampler of available titles, including discs by Doug and Jean Carn, Walter 
Bishop Jr., Henry Franklin, Calvin Keys, Chester Thompson, and the original 
founder of Black Jazz, Gene Russell. I remember owning many of these lps in 
the 70s. It's all a matter of taste, and I haven't heard them in many years 
so I can't say how well all of them hold up, but Carn's "Infant Eyes" was an 
important record for many back in the day. It sold quite well for an 
independent label and I predict that if you play it today the phones will 
light up.

Larry Appelbaum

>Hi JPLers,
>I am looking for some help. On 3/21/05 Derrick Lucas from WGMC posted a 
>message saying he had just picked up Doug Carn's disc Infant Eyes and that 
>the label Blackjazz was now back in print. He also posted the website for 
>I went to the site and tried contacting anyone who could give me some info. 
>about the artists ie: is there a sampler disc available etc. I have spoken 
>to a gentleman who identified himself as Mr. Williams who said he would 
>send some material along to me. I did mention that I was interested in 
>purchasing discs if I could get a clearer picture of the music. I have 
>spoken with him twice and am still without anything.
>Does anyone have a REAL contact with Blackjazz records? Does anyone have 
>any suggestions on  how I could check out some of the artists to see what 
>WWSP might want to purchase?
>Does anyone know the Blackjazz catalogue well enough to make 
>artist/recording suggestions?
>Thanks for your time and help.
>Russ Haines Jazz MD WWSP 90fm
>105 CAC Building Reserve Street
>Stevens Point, WI. 54481
>rfhnyc_ at hotmail.com

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