[JPL] KUVO's 20th Anniv. Party headliner.....

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Apr 15 17:21:04 EDT 2005

Okay, it's official now, the ink has dried, here it is. For jazz89 KUVO's
20th anniversary gala party, piano legend Marian McPartland will be our
headliner. This event takes place on November 19th, opening national and
Colorado artists will be announced shortly. Throughout 2005 jazz89 KUVO has
broadcasted and will continue to air live concerts from our Oasis
Performance Studio culminating with our 20th anniversary
dinner-dance-concert gala in the ballroom of Teikyo Loretto Heights
University with its spectacular views of the Rockies to the west and the
Littleton Valley to the south.

Due to the success of our New Year's Eve Latin jazz concert for NPR's Toast
of the Nation in high definition-surround sound, NPR has selected our staff
of expert engineers to handle the transmission for New Year's Eve 2006 from
Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. Quite an honor for our trio of engineers who
garnered many an accolade for their efforts on New Year's Eve from NPR and
many of out sister stations who carried the broadcast. The motto of our
sound techies says it all, "Never have so few done so much with so little"

Arturo Gómez
Music Director, jazz89 KUVO
The Oasis In The City
Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
Celebrating 20 Years of Public Radio

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