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O my G, Oy vey, etc. etc.

I hear you but I'm sure I don't want to.  I worked with John in my very
first actual music industry job, at a record distributor in San Francisco in

To say much has changed is to acknowledge an explosive amount of history.

John is one of the treasures; a man of music, with passion, honoring
history, involved in commerce and propagation of appreciation via his radio
show and lectures. 

Let's tell Concord that some things that seem 'efficient' aren't.  And what
about Terri Hinte? 

When will folks learn that Anthropology has more to do with business
relationships than anything else!


Janice Mancuso
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> Dear Radio Royalty,
> Yesterday I received an email from John Rogers telling me that after 17
> years as jazz radio promotion director at Fantasy Records his
> employment there has been terminated.
> When I immediately called him to find out what was going on he was in the
> middle of going through years of accumulated memorabilia and other stuff,
> trying to clean out his desk and office.
> I want to go on record to say how short sighted Concord is being in this
> dastardly act.
> John Rogers has been a friend and mentor to many of us, not only for his
> honesty in dealing with releases and radio but also  for his fine
> programming talent on the airwaves these many years. I hope that part of
> John's public life continues for a long long time.
> John has a great sense of humor and a great sense of good taste.
> I'll miss his tracking calls but I know we'll stay in touch.
> He has so much in common with all of us
> Good Luck, John
> Steve Schwartz
> Jazz from Studio Four
> Friday 7p-midnight
> WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
> www.wgbh.org

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