[JPL] A John Rogers Story

Jackson, Bobby bjackson at WCPN.org
Mon Apr 18 13:02:43 EDT 2005


I'll have to chime in on this one.  I stand with you Steve about John
Rogers.  This decision was not about the music.  It was about dollars
and cents.  There has never been a friend to jazz radio better than John
Rogers.  What he has meant to many programmers across the country, to
his listeners, to people who've had an opportunity to hear him
insightfully speak about the music he loves so well goes beyond dollars
and cents.  It's more about dollars and sense.  Dollars and cents
sometimes gets in the way of what all of us need ultimately and that is
good, competent people in the right positions.  John is indeed a
champion of this music, a mentor to many of us and a voice I would hope
will wind up somewhere continuing the work that he so ably performed for
17 years with Fantasy.  

We didn't speak each and every week but we communicated on a "regular"
basis for years before I came to Cleveland, while I served as
program/music director at WCLK in Atlanta.  It was nice to be able to
speak with a record rep about a classic recording and he actually not
only knew what you were talking about but could get it for you if you
needed it.  His service has been an invaluable tool for programming a
real jazz station. It was comforting to know that I could call John,
he'd know my voice in one note and make a solid contribution to answer a
programming dilemma I was faced with.  I will miss not being able to
pick up the phone and have him as a representative for Fantasy.  I also
don't envy the person who will try to fill his shoes.  Whoever that
person is, Good luck to you.     

I've watched so many good ones go by the wayside for dollars and cents
as I think about Chris Jonz, Deb Lewow, Chryssie Zagami, Eulis Cathey, ,
Julie Kerr, etc.  Many of them are still looking for work and it saddens
me.  I also realize that this industry is changing each and everyday and
it is the nature of the beast, whether a radio station has to drop jazz
hours or the format entirely or a quality record rep is sent packing.  I
just want to say how much I appreciate you John, for all of your fire,
expertise and friendship.  I hope I'll pick up the phone soon and find
your voice on the other end in service of this format and with a company
that realizes what a gem you are.  We will all be truly richer.



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> Dear Radio Royalty,
> Yesterday I received an email from John Rogers telling me that after
> 17 years as jazz radio promotion director at Fantasy Records his 
> employment there has been terminated.
> When I immediately called him to find out what was going on he was in 
> the middle of going through years of accumulated memorabilia and other

> stuff, trying to clean out his desk and office.
> I want to go on record to say how short sighted Concord is being in 
> this dastardly act.
> John Rogers has been a friend and mentor to many of us, not only for 
> his honesty in dealing with releases and radio but also  for his fine 
> programming talent on the airwaves these many years. I hope that part 
> of John's public life continues for a long long time.
> John has a great sense of humor and a great sense of good taste.
> I'll miss his tracking calls but I know we'll stay in touch.
> He has so much in common with all of us
> Good Luck, John
> Steve Schwartz
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> Friday 7p-midnight
> WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
> www.wgbh.org

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