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Russ:  here is the information from my copy of "Infant Eyes".

Black Jazz Records
A Division of Read Beans & Rice Inc.
P.O. Box 55620
Atlanta, Georgia

By the way Doug Carn is a friend and I just spoke with him a couple of weeks 
ago at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival..  If it would help I could probably 
get you in touch with him.

WFIT-FM 89.5
Melbourne, Florida

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> Hi JPLers,
> I am looking for some help. On 3/21/05 Derrick Lucas from WGMC posted a 
> message saying he had just picked up Doug Carn's disc Infant Eyes and that 
> the label Blackjazz was now back in print. He also posted the website for 
> Blackjazz.
> I went to the site and tried contacting anyone who could give me some 
> info. about the artists ie: is there a sampler disc available etc. I have 
> spoken to a gentleman who identified himself as Mr. Williams who said he 
> would send some material along to me. I did mention that I was interested 
> in purchasing discs if I could get a clearer picture of the music. I have 
> spoken with him twice and am still without anything.
> Does anyone have a REAL contact with Blackjazz records? Does anyone have 
> any suggestions on  how I could check out some of the artists to see what 
> WWSP might want to purchase?
> Does anyone know the Blackjazz catalogue well enough to make 
> artist/recording suggestions?
> Thanks for your time and help.
> Russ
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