[JPL] Thx 2 John Rogers, Fantasy most played label

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Apr 20 12:50:52 EDT 2005

Like everyone else on the panel and in jazz radio, I'll miss my
conversations and e-mails with John Rogers. Back in 1992 when I began my
first stint as music director at WDNA, he along with Duke were the first
label reps I could talk about classic, obscure and historical recordings and
be in awe of their knowledge.

In my first 2 years at KUVO, coincidentally Thursday April 21st is my 2nd
anniversary, I have been able to fill in many gaps in our library because of
John, whenever a Fantasy artist passed or we noticed we were missing an
important recording of a Fantasy family of labels artist, John would always
come through with a copy, he always kept jazz89 KUVO near the top of the "A"
list for re-issues and was invaluable in helping me with purchases of
catalog items from the label for our library and for our CD of the Month

I was conducting some search surveys of our on-air live play list for a new
and improved program we are installing that would make possible us to scan
every CD with our own UPC code in lieu of the label's UPC code which will
give us info not available thru the industry's UPC code database, e.g.
composers, soloists, guests et al. Anyhoooo, I was not surprised when the
family of Fantasy labels, Prestige, Milestone, Pablo, Riverside,
Contemporary, OJC etc were easily the most played at KUVO. It was rare  to
see 2 hours go by without a spin from something from the archives or new
releases from the folks at Tenth & Parker in the "People's Republic of
Berkeley".  Columbia Legacy-Sony, Verve including their recent re-issues
series of different labels, Blue Note and Concord ranked behind Fantasy.

Frankly, I was not caught off base by mister Roger's dismissal, in fact I
expected it. 'Tis a sad fact of life in this global corporate world we live
in where decisions are made in smoke-filled board rooms by accountants and
barristers about subjects they know very little of, culture and the arts be
damned, we need to make a buck!

Thank you John Rogers for all of your assistance over the years making me
look better at what I do and more importantly for all of your wonderful and
insightful conversations, you have made the family of jazz radio a better
environment to be a part of. Gracias caballero.

Arturo Gómez
Music Director, Jazz 89-KUVO
The Oasis In The City
Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
Celebrating 20 Years of Public Radio

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