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 From his son:

From: Erik L <peaceful at sover.net>
 > Date: Sun Apr 24, 2005  7:39:10 PM America/New_York
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 > Subject: Pops, Arnie Lawrence
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 > It is with great reverence that I share the news that my father, Arnie
 > Lawrence, has passed from this earth Friday, April 22nd, 2005 near his
 > home in Israel after a brief illness. A master saxophonist and
 > legendary teacher, he put his heart and soul into his music, into
 > teaching and gave a large piece of it to anyone who needed it.
 > His accomplishments go far beyond what my meager mind can express on
 > this or any day. His career spanned from sitting at the feet of Ben
 > Webster to "rock and roll guru". He created the New School Jazz
 > program, and an even further reaching program in Israel, bringing Jews
 > and Arabs together through music. We are all his children and his
 > message of love and creativity will continue to grow.
 > I remember Pops telling me that Ben Webster advised "You're only as
 > good as your rhythm section" when he was 16 years old. I can't tell
 > you how many rhythm section players have told me they never
 > played as well as they played with him.
 > Oddly, I heard the news of his passing just before entering a
 > recording studio in Brooklyn, near where he was born. I was playing
 > his old King alto, we were to play a traditional African funeral
 > march. When I finally got myself together to walk into the
 > studio there were two framed album covers on the wall, chosen because
 > the engineer's girlfriend liked the '60's style artwork. My father had
 > played on both of them. I figured perhaps I was doing just what I was
 > supposed to be doing.
 > Talk has begun for a memorial service in NYC in the near future and
 > the establishment of a scholarship fund in his name. Please feel free
 > to forward this email to any of his friends around the globe. And
 > please email me at this  address at any time for more information.
 > May peace and music be with you always.
 > Erik Lawrence
 > peaceful at sover.net

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