[JPL] Arnie Lawrence - A Legacy of Peace

Sophia Peron jazzinn at zianet.com
Tue Apr 26 10:51:14 EDT 2005

I met Arnie Lawrence playing his gig / jam session in an ancient jazz
club in Jerusalem in November of 1999. He was introduced to me by Bassem
Nasir,  the great Palestinian DJ, singer, and (formerly) vocal member of
the Jazz Programmer's Mailing list. It was the most peaceful time in
Israeli / Palestine relations in years, an Arnie's group was an example
of how the diverse cultures of this world can seamlessly merge together
through making music.
On my second visit to Jerusalem, Arnie picked me up in the Old City and
took me to visit his International Center for Creative Music in En
Karem, a mostly Palestinian section of rural Jerusalem. I also had a
lengthy visit with Arnie, his wife Liza and their son, Danny, at their
home nearby.
In January of 2001, Arnie came to NYC for the IAJE convention. He and
his group were definitely "superstars" of the event, and we know their
music blew many people's minds.
Arnie was a "grassroots" guy working on an international scale. His
legacy reminds all of us that no matter how "small" our deeds may seem,
they can have a huge impact.
straight ahead . . .
Sophia Peron

Arnie's 2001 musical conclave in Israel:
George v. Johnson, Jr. - Jazz in Jerusalem 2001
2000 article about the Israeli/Palestinian jazz scene
Arnie Lawrence / Bassem Nasir

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