[JPL] Freddy Redd - Alive & in need . . .

Sophia Peron jazzinn at zianet.com
Tue Apr 26 12:41:32 EDT 2005

from Dr. Nelson Harrison

Fellow lovers of jazz,

There are angels among us and many more who just appreciate the gifts
that have been shared and are available from our great jazz masters.
Every week reminds us that there are living treasures among us who have
been forgotten and others who perhaps could have shared more of their
gifts with us if we had been more responsive to their availability while
they were alive.

Several of you have come to the plate and provided direct assistance in
response to the plea I circulated in behalf of Freddie Redd last month.
I just received a call from him and he and his wife are ever grateful. I
will be delivering CDs that Freddie sent through me to you locals who
helped last month

I had hoped there would be more of a ground swell of response to a bop
icon many thought dead, who is alive, healthy and available for work.
Where are the journalists who could write his story first person? Where
are the colleagues who could hire him or record with him?  Where are the
students who could learn so much from him that is not available in the
classroom? Where are the aficianados who could add his CD to their
personal stash? Where are the campfire spirits who could send him $5 or
$10 just to thank him for staying alive and giving the jazz world some
of its brightest treasures.  Where are the professors at the jazz
schools who could expose their students to one of of the few remaining
icons of the Charlie Parker, Bud Powell circle of musicians who is a
living national treasure neglected by a public that perhaps has
forgotten some of the values that produced greatness in the bop and hard
bop idiom second to none.  How can we be complacent when such a spirit
is on the verge of homelessness from lack of opportunity to work?

We lament when we lose them. Why not give them their flowers while they
yet live and can give us more gems form their talent. If you cannot buy
a CD or send and small contribution ($5 or $10 will help a person to
eat, $15 will buy a CD), you have a mouth, phone and/or email and can
spread this plea around the globe. A drop can fill a bucket.

The phone number is good if you want to call him.  [805-499-0711  room
235.] Even a phone call of encouragement would be great,  or a card.

His mailing address is:

Freddie Redd
P. O. Box 125
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Anything you can do to help promote some work for him will be a real
blessing. And don't forget that prayer ALWAYS helps.

If you never heard of him and at least want to broaden your jazz
awareness, you can visit the following on the internet:


If you want more details, you can call me at 412-780-3011 but please try
to do something.  If you can send a joke, just think how much good you
can do by forwarding this email to another jazz lover, colleague or
student, who may, if nothing else, discover the beautiful music of
Freddie Redd.
We can do this!!!
Working together works,

All True Goodness, Protections and Deep Caring


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